Thursday, May 21, 2009

[Anime] Aria

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Before I begin, I want to scream...

Please excuse me.

This anime leaves me speechless. It is the best anime I have ever seen. It has an extremely s--l--o--w storyline, yet instead of making you feel bored, it is able to capture your attention. The anime has a total of 52 episodes in three different seasons. Each episodes has a different story and wonders.

There aren't any antagonists, violence or fights in the show. It plainly talks about life and how to look at things in a different and a more optimistic manner. The anime shows us how beautiful the world can be if we learn how to appreciate things. A significant amount of the focus is on their various relationships and personalities and how they deal with the minor challenges of their day-to-day life along with the lessons they learn in which we can easily relate to our daily lives.

This anime is enchanting. And with its gorgeous settings, calming music, meaningful lessons it conveys, the anime has slowly imprinted itself in my heart. It never fails to leave a heart-warming smile on my face at the end of every episode.

The world may not be perfect. But if only we stop a few seconds in our lives, and look at everything in a different manners, you may find wonders you have never noticed before. This anime shows us how to treasure the little things that happen around us, and find beauty in them.

I recommend this to everyone who wants to take a break from their hectic lifestyles for a while and enjoy the beauty of life and also art.

I love this anime to bits.
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