Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How to Disable Auto-Play Video on Instagram

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We all love Instagram. And just in case you haven't heard, Instagram recently introduced their video features.

You may now upload up to 15 seconds worth of videos with multiple cinematic filters to your liking.

Sounds pretty awesome yeah?

Except for one icky thing, the video plays back automatically on your news feed....

Not only it might horde your limited 3G data plan, it's plain annoying.

So here's a short tutorial on how to switch the Auto-Play mode off.

(Android should work the same.)

Note: You'll need to update your Instagram to the latest version.

Step 1: On your news feed, click the icon to enter your profile page

Step 2: On your profile page, click the Setting Icon on top.

Step 3: There you have it, the option to switch off the Auto-Play feature!

There you go! =)
Monday, June 24, 2013

Brad Pitt Saving The World in World War Z (2013)

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Whenever there's an End-of-the-World, apocalypse, survivor movie, I'll definitely jump into the bandwagon. I mean why not? The probability of this happening is pretty high whether it's by natural disasters, alien-invasions, deadly disease outbreaks... Yes, it'll happen one day to us. Watching all these movies prepare myself for the future...(or so I hope.)


Anyways, let's us look at the latest Apocalypse movie on the big screen - The World War Z (2013). If you are wondering which alienate planet humanity is going against with, you are wrong.

This is a ZOMBIE movie, caused by an unknown viruses that actually turn normal, healthy humans to becoming a improved, aggressive and definitely fast-moving zombies. Humans get infected and transformed very easily through one ferocious bite.

You must be thinking: What? Jut another zombie movie? But World War Z is different - Main focal point is of course, it's starred by non other than the Brad Pitt, Marc Foster (Quantum of Solace) and what else? It's high budgeted. So you could expect near impressive visual effects throughout the entire movie.

This movie is not really the faint-hearted. It's fast paced and the visuals are that scarily good. It keeps my heart pumping throughout the entire movie (Kudos to that!), my heart ran together with Brad Pitt (Gerry Lane) as he tries to survive and run away from the large horde of zombies.

I could literally feel the fear, not only from the brilliant acting from the experienced actors, also the way how the entire movie is being shot and produced to make viewers feel as if they are part of it and we are all running away from these terrifying zombies together with Gerry Lane. There are few scenes that have actually made me jumped too! The entire story flow is very intense, just the way I love how apocalypse movie should be! I especially love how Jerusalem was suddenly overflowed by towers of zombies; that part of the movie kept my heart running up and down.

This is awesome.


Despite the movie being disturbingly clever, there are few points that cause it to fall short from being exceedingly good. Some of the crucial points are missing - Why is Gerry Lane selected to be part of the "Save the World" mission? Why did he leave the team? Who the hell was he any ways? How do they control the deadly disease inside the human body even though it may serve as "camouflage"? And not forgetting, the ALL-TOO-SUDDEN ENDING, it feels like you are on a tremendous roller-coaster ride and suddenly the train just stops midway and the fun just ends right there. This movie gives you enough and leave you wanting for MORE!

The final verdict? Yes, you gotta watch this. It's a good summerendoftheworldmindless entertainment!
You can't go wrong with an eye candy on the screen, RIGHT?

I still prefer Brad Pitt with short hair though!
Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Man of Steel (2013) a.k.a The Superman!

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Superheroes movies are such a big hit these days. not only they are mostly funded by big companies; they have extremely elaborated graphics! (Well duh, big multi-millions companies!) As large as the movie itself, we are pretty sure the money generated from these movies are pretty huge too! Except for some titles... (*cough*GreenLatern*cough)

Out of all these superheroes, Superman is unforgettable. A lone orphan from Krypton, equipped with the ability to fly and an impenetrable body; This guy with red cape is by far one of the most popular superheroes of all times. It is no wonder Man of Steel has created such a big buzz in Hollywood scenes and all eyes are on it.

The question is, does Man Of Steel(2013) live up to his big name?

The movie is not like the other mindless superheroes' movies. They tried to incorporated the sentimental elements such as fear, acceptance, family love into it. By looking into the Superman's past, we see what happened to Krypton, how Superman's parents came to make a difficult decision and sent him away; and how he came to live as a human and finally accepted his own power.

I really like how the storyline flows into his past and how the producer actually made an effort to put the backgrounds of superman into perspective. Much is known about Kal's history but very little is ever told so detailed like how they have done it in Man Of Steel(2013). We literally get to walk through the history, the environment of where the mighty and powerful kryptonites ever lived and of course, their undoubtedly advance technology. And best of all, we finally get to understand where this awesomely sexy, budgly (*cough*), sleek and newly invented uniform comes from! Well, at least they put in the storyline and it's interesting that they give more meanings to the Superman's symbol than being just a alphabet "S".


Apart from that, Superman is filled with mind-blowing, heavily animated, alien-violence-kinda gang fights. There are lotsa BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! and many more properties and cars blast away in fire and not to forget the indesructible General Zod and his followers - as powerful as Superman since they are essentially the same type of ALIEN; trying to take over Planet Earth and build a Krypton out of it by manipulating the cores to form their desirable planet.

Fret not, the world is never going to end in a Superhero's movie. Superman is here to save the world and he does it in a zooming style.

This is where I am slightly disappointed as all Superman does is aviating towards his enemies with an ultra high speed to smash them into building instead of real fighting actions, you get what I mean? And there is too much of them, smashing them everywhere even though to kill them is as easy as just twisting their necks to the other side. Why cause such a huge scenes just to kill someone if you could just grab his head and pull it off?

Before I tell you any more of the storyline, I shall sum this movie up for you. It's a great summer-mindless-highly graphical-movie for minimal entertainment... AND it's not worth your money to watch in 3D nor IMAX 3D. Disappointingly, the 3D effects are not at the least visible, nothing much to say about the storyline. I supposed they try their very best to fit everything within 3 hours. There are too many rooms for improvements.

Go! go! go! Fly like a Superman to the nearest cinema now if you are up to some mindless movie!


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sukiya @ KL Pavilion

Oooh! I finally got to try out the ever famous Suki-Ya @ KL Pavilion.
Let's see what makes it so special.
KL Pavillion - Sukiya 2013Eat-All-You-Can for about RM29.80++ sounds really affordable.
The dinner is kinda pricey!
KL Pavillion - Sukiya 2013-001KL Pavillion - Sukiya 2013-008Healthy bar where all the vegetables, fish balls are.
Quite standard, if you frequent other steamboat buffet outlets before, the items are almost the same.
KL Pavillion - Sukiya 2013-007KL Pavillion - Sukiya 2013-005

Plenty of sauces for you to choose from, not very japanese though.
KL Pavillion - Sukiya 2013-002KL Pavillion - Sukiya 2013-003

Yes, steamboat is all about the soup base.The black one is the famous suki-ya soup base, something Japanese-ish finally!
Mildly salty, nothing special to scream about for a soya sauce based Suki-ya.
The white one is miso soup base that doesn't have any miso taste at all.
KL Pavillion - Sukiya 2013-004They only serve Green Tea Ice Cream dessert, which taste more like milk than green tea.
KL Pavillion - Sukiya 2013-006The line is getting longer and longer outside and I don't really understand why.
KL Pavillion - Sukiya 2013-009To be honest, apart from the soup base, everything seem so ordinary.
It doesn't really leave a deep impression in me, it's just another normal steamboat.
I will leave it up to you to see if the price they charge is going worth it or not.Information:
Suki-Ya @ Tokyo Street / Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Lot No. : 6.24.04, Level 6
Suki-Ya Website
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