Sunday, April 28, 2013

Rediscovering Forgotten Memories in "Oblivion" 2013


Summer holiday is approaching! Which means that many blockbuster movies will be flooding very soon. Before all the superheroes action movies start kicking into the cinemas nearby, I managed to catch “Oblivion” on the big screen before it was taken off the list.

Oblivion is action-packed sci-fi flick, starred by Tom Cruise, directed by Joseph Kosinski (Tron: Legacy). The interesting story begins with Jack Harper, a drone technician working in the deserted Mother Earth that has been completely destroyed during a war between human kind and alien. Human kind won the war by using nuclear bombs, and the Earth paid the price. What’s left of it is just a rubble of fallen, quiet, abandoned planet. All the other survivors have been forced to move to temporary space stations at Titan, Saturn’s largest moon.

What I love about this movie is the stunning visuals of the aftermath of an enormous nuclear war, an Earth abandoned with almost no living signs, no greens, just lotsa sand and fallen buildings. It’s depressingly beautiful in its own way.

Upon watching the movie, one could question – “Can our memories be cloned?”, “Are some emotional feelings so strong that they are imprinted into our cells?” – (Quoted from my movie buddy, K.L Teo) Those are some questions worth thinking and perhaps it is the main theme of the story. Something the director wants us to think about.Life can pass; memories will stay forever.Anyway, what I personally feel about this movie: Brilliant visuals, in-need plenty of explanations and many rooms for improvements to an otherwise ordinary plot.
Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Chef Lim Organic Kitchen @ Scott Garden Mall, OKR

One of the random evenings, my friend and I drove all the way to Scott Garden Mall for a healthy dinner!

Chef Lim_Organic Kitchen-006

Yes, instead of drinking beers, we went for Chef Lim Organic Kitchen!

Look at the extensive selections of food. Which cuisines do you prefer today?

Chef Lim Organic Kitchen

Chef Lim_Organic Kitchen-013

The restaurant looks really nice, clean and spacious. and WHITE.

Chef Lim_Organic Kitchen

Any vegetarian or organic restaurants especially, will definitely serve this fruit tea.

And they always taste so good! Wonder what it is that makes them taste so generically good.

Chef Lim_Organic Kitchen-007

Teoh Chew Style Tofu

This dish is good! Something I would come back for.

Chef Lim_Organic Kitchen-010

Vege Assam Fish.

Edible, but nothing to shout about.

Chef Lim_Organic Kitchen-011

Four Season Beans

A stir fried dish made up from four different beans. Taste okay, though nothing grand or special to scream about too.

Chef Lim_Organic Kitchen-012

And lastly! Never forget the brown rice! I love brown rice!

Though for some reasons, many people hate it. It's healthy you know!

Chef Lim_Organic Kitchen-009

Overall, I quite like the environment. It feels very CLEAN & COMFORTABLE.

The food tastes averagely edible, it's nothing memorable or great.

Oh, I forgot to warn you about the pricing!

Yeap! This restaurant serves food more expensive than average organic kitchens...

Better prepare your credit cards before dining in.

Just check them out here yourself!


Chef Lim Organic Kitchen

Lot -47, 2-48, 2-49,

The Scott Garden,

4 1/2 Miles, Jalan Klang Lama

58100, K.L.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Crumbs @ KL Pavillion

I have never been a fan of Frozen Yoghurt...

until I was introduced to CRUMBS.

Forget about Moo Cow, Tutti Frutti, Snogurt and etc,

let's talk about Crumbs today...


Just like any other Frozen Yoghurt franchises, the toppings are important.

Any other generic frozen yoghurts would offer the common selections such as peanuts, cookies and etc.

So does Crumbs too!

But what makes Crumbs so delicious and uniquely different than the rest is its House Crumbs Topping.

A very simple blend of cinnamon and flakes, top on the smooth, aromatic frozen yoghurt...

MMmmMMMmMM... So so so good....


Totally no surprise at this award!


Look at this simple thing, it's gonna convert many people to Frozen Yoghurt soon.

Well, that happened to me, I fell into its charm.


This is a Frozen Yoghur that I will definitely come back for more.

For your information, this such small cup with one topping would cost you about RM10.

I suggest to share with two for one small cup like this.

Yoghurt contains dairy products and will make you feeling very full or bloated later.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Travel 2013: Krabi - Day 2

On the 2nd day, we went Island Hopping - Phi Phi Islands.

It was a good season, bright sun, blue sky and calm oceans.

Despite the fact that Phi Phi Islands were hit severely by Tsunami, the natives decided to fight back and restore the islands pretty quickly.

Though, very unfortunately, many of the corals were destroyed during the natural disasters, leaving behind a mass of grey dead stones underwater - the only evidence that proves that these oceans were once a paradise to many different beautiful corals and other ocean lives.

I shall talk no further and let the photos do all the talking.



These are some of the areas where the famous movie, The Beach was shot.Krabi_2013-035Krabi_2013-036Krabi_2013-037Krabi_2013-039

Honestly, these islands are crowded with many tourists and uncountable speed boats.

It is a miracle how the water could appear to be so clear after all the pollution.

Can't image how beautiful it was before the people started visiting.

Who needs to go to Heaven? We already have them on Earth!


At the end of the trip, we did visit Night Markets and had awesome buffet breakfasts at our hotel.

The trip was good. And I am still amazed by how this place still looks beautiful with all the crowds.

Nature is so beautiful


Let's stop destroying our Mother Earth.


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