Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Gardens [One Utama]


Despite living near to One Utama, I have never visited The Gardens.
The restaurant gives an impressive aura, my first thought was "The food must be very expensive."

For a broke student like me, i knew the price of the food would probably take up much of my allowance. Therefore I have never thought of visiting. However, on a very lucky day, a good friend of mine has decided to treat me. Thus, giving me a chance to finally try out this restaurant.


My first impression of The Gardens upon entering is - Doesn't this look like Full House a lot? In fact, it does. It has the same concept. Even the menus look almost the same, except that The Gardens provide more varieties.

Since we were there for lunch, we ordered their set lunches which were very affordable. With less than 20 bucks, you get a soup of the day, drink and a main course.

The soup of the day was Tomato Soup. Which I must admit that it's pretty good. They give you ample of tomatoes inside, which proves the originality of ingredients as well.
tomato soup

As for the drinks, we're given three choices to pick from - Ice Lemon Tea, Ice Coffee or Coffee. We picked ice lemon tea. And I absolutely love their jar-looking cups.
lemon tea

My friend ordered Butter Dory Fish, in which the cream/sauce tastes really exquisite.

I ordered black pepper chicken chop, which satisfied my taste buds.

The set lunches in The Gardens are almost similar to FullHouse. However, they do not include desserts unlike Full House.

But I must admit that the services and the quality of the food in The Gardens are way better than FullHouse.

It really gives me the satisfaction and also the price we have paid for. I would definitely visit again to try out their other menus.
Monday, February 22, 2010



Blue Blue Blue!
It's Monday Blues! xD

Have fun working and studying people!
Holiday is over!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Who's the Mysterious Sender?


If you're reading this, whoever you are, please let me know because I want to thank you personally.

The present is something I love. Only a few handful of people know about that, so please do not hide. You must be either one of my friends; or someone who knows my close friends to find out about this.

Thank you really, but please give me a chance to thank you personally!
Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Please Give Me More!


Jeng Jeng Jeng! Thanks to someone, my wish has been granted!
I really appreciate the present a lot! It's such a good company especially when I am super bored. Thank you so much!

nintendo DS

It's crimson red, very stylish color.

I really love it because of its cute games and they are very interactive. PSP are more masculine.


Help me, I am stuck.


I really don't know how to show my appreciation and gratefulness. Seriously, thank you for the gift. You're the BEST COUSIN in the world.

Monday, February 15, 2010


In the midst of all these words, I know what you meant
In the ocean of all these faces, I see the true person behind the mask you wore.
I am only in my twenties, I may not be as experienced but I am not dumb.
I know all the speculations;
When one word can be a sentence;
And then evolve into stories.
That's how rumors arise.
I care not, however.
As we have nothing to begin it, and thus I have nothing to lose.

I wish you all a Happy Valentine.
Thursday, February 11, 2010

Love @ First Sight (Part 2)


Yes! It's random! But I bought them anyhow! Because they are SO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cute right?
Their names are Rain and Storm. Because my friends and I had to go through a rainstorm just to bring them back home! And look! they are such good buddies, eating sunflower seeds together.


Ho ho ho, surprised!? so did you guess it right? =D
Tuesday, February 9, 2010

We're Tuesday People

It was supposedly to be a swimming plan to lose calories.
Eventually, we ended up gaining more calories instead!
Because we didn't go swimming, we cooked and had a simple yet FATTENING LUNCH!
(Sorry gals, this is to remind all of us that WE NEED TO EXERCISE)


It was fun nonetheless!
Really had a wonderful time just lazing around the television after food.
(That sounds so fattening, once again! =P)


I never forget LOVE @ FIRST SIGHT! Stay tuned for the LOVE @ FIRST SIGHT (PART TWO) !
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