Thursday, December 27, 2012

When Will the World END?

Oh well, it didn't happen. I was secretly wishing that it did. =/ Life goes on! Happy Holidays everyone! :D Photobucket
Monday, December 17, 2012

Ministry of Food @ Singapore

Contributed & Written by Yvonne
Edited by YC

Ministry of Food offers some great choices of Japanese Food. And since I was in Singapore and I was craving for affordable Japanese food, Ministry of Food came into the mind, then OFF WE GO! =)

The front cover of MOF Menu

Match smoothies anyone? 
With caramel or chocolate or pure green tea?

Hot Plates! Yum!

Tempura and Deep fried items will never go wrong!

Any Ramen lovers?

Extremely soft. Not quite bad!

MOF Healthy Salad Series
The ingredients were really fresh.
But the amount of Mayonnaise didn't make it any healthier. =P

Char Siew Tan-Tan Ramen.
Not bad, but nothing great to shout about.

Green Tea Smoothie Float 
This is the highlight!
The green tea is rich and to top it off with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream is such a brilliant idea!
I must say that this is a really good combination!

MOF has many choices of Japanese catered to everyone.
The food and service are good enough but nothing great to shout about.
If you love Japanese desserts, you will be spoiled by vast choices, but be prepared to fork out a huge sum of money too!

The only MOF branch in Malaysia is probably the one in Sunway Pyramid.
(But I heard the quality is different - prepared for disappointments =/ )

Monday, December 3, 2012

Burger King Breakfast @ Jurong Point-Singapore

Written & contributed by Yvonne
Edited by YC

In Malaysia, we have fast-food-joints breakfast sets like McDonald's, KFC or Subway which we are quickly growing very accustomed (or bored) with.

In Singapore, Burger King offers the similar breakfast sets, with MAYBE better and healthier choices!

Let's visit Burger King Singapore! (I was at Jurong Point!)
Burger King_SG

Breakfast sets, here we come!
Burger King_SG-001

All breakfast sets come with a choice of coffee or tea (Add in another SGD1 for other choices!)
And of course HASH BROWNS! =)
Burger King_SG-002

Burger King French Toast Platter!
Where can we get French Toast in our Fast Food Joints? (Damn!)
And the baked tomatoes? Fast Food it may be, but definitely sounds and looks healthier!
Burger King_SG-003

Breakfast Platter.
You can make your own morning sandwiches here!
Burger King_SG-004

The Mini Hash Browns and the Hot Chocolate are irresistible!
Burger King_SG-005

Phew! What a great way to start your morning!
How come Burger King in Malaysia doesn't serve awesome breakfast sets like these!
Not fair!

Burger King Singapore Facebook Page

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