Monday, May 30, 2011

The Good Old Days: I am gonna kill you.

It's really interesting to read back your old posts. You should do it if you have a blog yourselves. I don't know but I find it really funny and fun to laugh at your own childishness and stupidity in the past.

As for my today's post, I have selected one of my posts which dated about a year back! I never knew The Doodle Blog has existed this long.

Oh well... The weather has been more bearable these days but still... Have a look nonetheless!


p/s: I have a new fan page for The Doodle Blog. Have you liked me yet? =)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Stop Animal Abuse in Malaysia!

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Whether you are an animal lover or not, animals are as alive as anyone of you reading in this blog. If you have a heart, do sign the petition! Every action counts; you can make a difference!

Let's us all eradicate the cruelty in our society so that we can live in a better place; and make the world worth living for all the generations to come. Every little action counts; every small step taken can inch us closer to a bigger dream. Sign the online petition!

And I urge you all, if you have a blog, spread this around! Share this on facebook or twit it away! It only takes a few seconds.

Let's give these animals a chance. They don't deserve this.

YC. <3

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How to Keep Your Blog Clean?

Social networking overloaded.
Too many widgets.
Too messy.
Too commercialized.
Too fanciful.
Too many advertisements on the shout box.
Too long the loading time.
Distraction to my blog's contents.

So I removed them all.

Hope you all like my clean sidebars.
Hope you all continue supporting The Doodle Blog.

On the other note, I have removed the Disquis Comment System as well. It loads really slow. So all my older posts would not have the comment button. Sadly.

YC. <3
Tuesday, May 3, 2011



Bloggers do earn a lot of money, from reviews and advertising mainly, provided that their blogs are popular.

I don't earn anything from this blog, seriously. Mainly because I don't accept requests for reviews and advertising. I don't want to feel obligated. I will only write reviews to things I seriously feel that they deserve it. Besides, I started this blog initially to share my cartoons, not to gain profits from it. The only advertisement I put is the Nuffnang's one on the sidebar and even that doesn't give me anything much. (Still saving up to get my own domain!)

So thanks to my philosophy, my blog will remain very poor. =(

I hope that answers your questions.

Oh yes, I do read all the comments left in chat box or each of the post! So feel free to ask me anything!
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