Thursday, June 23, 2011

What Should You Do with YOUR Smartphone?


Ever since I have had my blackberry, I have become a little wee bit of...."annoying". =P

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Good Old Days: How did I look like?

The Doodle Blog has really come a long way. Have you ever wondered how my drawing looked like before that? Maybe you could take a look and laugh your bellies away. I could not help giggling at my initial drawings either.

I wondered where I found the courage to post up my ugly drawings that time.



Monday, June 6, 2011

Iphone Vs. Androids Vs. Blackberry?


For those who are techy, or love changing phones, they should know that there are three dominant phone’s operating systems in the market right now- Apple’s Iphones, Androids and Blackberry. As a person who changes phones fast, I have of course tried the three different platforms and have discovered a new found love! Thus, I am going to write about it. This is an opinion piece however, so you may or may not agree with it.

I never owned any iphones, they are too expensive and generally I feel they are overrated. Apple computers have always been good but Iphones are only an extension. It is not worth it to pay for the price. I have borrowed one though from my cousin and after about two days, I returned it to him. For a person who loves freedom, Iphone has too many restrictions and it is overly money-sucking. Most of its apps require you to purchase them. And jail-breaking is a risky option. As far as it goes, the device is great but apart from the wonderful choices of cases, they are all generically the same. So much for uniqueness and a phone you can call your own. And the phone is so overly priced, not because Apple decides to make it this way, but due to the demand and supply the price is always high. We, consumers make it this way while we know that this device never deserves its worth. I could use some of this extra cash for charity!

Like I previously mentioned, I love freedom and android provides you plenty of that. And the fact that many brands have integrated Android operating system into their products; it means that you have a wide range of devices to choose from. You could pick the devices that suit your needs; from the size of the phones, brands or camera pixels. And also you don’t have to burn your wallets as some of the devices with Android operating system come with an affordable price by discarding some redundant features of the phone. Besides that, Android operates as good as Iphone, or even much better than it. If you are an adventurous risk-taker, you could even google up some tutorials that help you to “modify” your system so that the phone could perform better and etc. And not forgetting about all the free apps available in the android markets! You don’t have to pay for them!

My father has always had one and after trying it, I thought it was boring. Recently however, I decided to give the device a try. Surprisingly, I fell in love with it. Personally, Blackberry has created a blue ocean of its own. The entire device is invented to communicate and it sticks to the purpose very well. The straight forward interface is designed in such a way that you could reach your purpose without any other distractions. Certainly, it does not provide as much entertainment like the Iphone or Android, but if you are a person who wants a phone purely for communication, you would find Blackberry suit your needs the best. Ever since I have my Blackberry, I have been communicating; social networking more than ever!

What's your pick? =D

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