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Travel 2014: 10 Things to do in Tanjung Sepat


Tanjung Sepat is mainly a fishing town however the fishing industry has seemed to have diminished these days, the only thing that has proven their once flourishing fishing life is their famous lover bridge and old fishing boats lying waste on the beach. Apart from that, they cultivate fruits, mushrooms and natural ingredients for a living. Most of the things for sale such as the juices, fish balls and etc are cultivated and hand made from their own farms. They are pretty authentic if you ask me.

Now, they rely a lot on their small scale tourism and most of their natural farms have been opened up for public visits. They have many seafood restaurants around and many people drive all the way from the nearby bigger cities just to enjoy the food and the sea breeze.

For our trips, we had a short 2 Days 1 Night stay there. I believe a day trip should be sufficient and you might need to move faster; but if you prefer a more relaxing, slower pace visit around the village, you can always opt to stay for the night.

1. Visit the Lover's Bridge and take lotsa selfie.

Apart from being an old, probably abandoned and strangely photogenic, this iconic Lover's Bridge is a must visit at Tanjung Sepat, otherwise you have never been here. As the name implies, be prepared to let your selfie photos be bombarded by those lovestruck couples busy taking their photos there.

Tanjung Sepat (4)_Honeylemongirl

Tanjung Sepat (3)_Honeylemongirl
Tanjung Sepat (5)_Honeylemongirl

2. Have delicious & fresh seafood for breakfast,  brunch, lunch, tea time, dinner and even supper.

There are so many seafood joints crowded in this small village serving all kinds of exotic, fresh seafood at affordable prices. So visit here with an empty stomach and I guarantee you will leave here with a stomach of ocean. Best of all, you can have them any time you like. Read more about it here.

ocean_seafood_tanjungsepat (4)

3. Visit Crackers factory & bags all of them home.

This junk food is awesome even if it never packs any significant nutritional value and it still makes your movies and parties more enjoyable than ever when it's around. Unlike those crackers packets sold in the hypermarkets which are usually filled with more air than the chips, here you can bag away a huge packet, filled to the brim with your favourite chips with all the local flavours at reasonable prices! Totally awesome! Read more about it here.

honeylemongirl_cracker_tanjungsepat (4)

4. Quench your thirst with all their FRESHLY SQUEEZED JUICES.

Weather can get scorching hot here in a tropical country, that's why we have an abundance of local fruits always ready to rescue our souls. Everywhere you go, you will hear people selling their fruit juices, especially their Passion Fruit Juices which they plant locally themselves. It's slightly more expensive than your average mineral water, DUH! But trust me, your body will be very appreciative when you drown one of these condensed, unmixed, naturally sweet fruit juices.

Tanjung Sepat (6)_Honeylemongirl

5. Boost your health with our locally planted and nurtured Ling Zhi at Ganofarm!

Did you know that Ling Zhi has a history that can be tracked all the way back to two thousand years ago? Bet you didn't know that! Even then humans have already discovered just how precious and beneficial Ling Zhi is to our health, and that's including its anti-cancer quality that a lot of people seek for. Go on and visit Ganofarm for more information and you could probably grab some of the healthy mushrooms back.

Tanjung Sepat (2)_Honeylemongirl

6. Enjoy your tea time by comparing which handmade Pau - Mr.Black or Hai Yew Heng is better.

With two handmade pau outlets with each offering their own signature flavours, you have got to try both of them and let your tongue decide which one is better, or you could find out all about the two outlets and what they offer right here.

handmade pau_tanjungsepat (5)

7. Refresh your body and soul with the savoury black coffee at Joo Fa Traditional Black Powder Trading/Factory.

Feeling a bit tired from all the stops? Then don't forget to linger around this factory because the aroma of the coffee in the air will definitely rejuvenate your entire being and leaves you feeling afresh again While you are there, check out how the Black Coffee is made in the most traditional manner and also have a sip or two of the coffee itself! Read more about here.

blackcoffee_tanjungsepat (5)

8. Walk/Drive around just to enjoy the salty ocean smell in the air, the greeneries or the villages and their small paths that have grown along in years.

The village has aged well with a hint of modernization on its way to making life of the people at Tanjung Sepat better. Still, the authentic feel still remains, hidden within their road signs or the mellowing shop fronts so commonly seen along all the small roads.

9. Visit the beautiful Chinese Temples

It's a small area and yet it's packed with many beautiful, well maintained temples. This is a sign of prosperity of the people.

10. Stay the night and just unwind in the quietness as the village closes for the day

Don't make it a rush day trip, chill out, relax and stay the night to enjoy the quietness of the night away from the bustling city night life. There are some options of accommodation to choose from as for us we picked the Hocks House. Just check out the condition of the hotel here.

hocksaccommodation_tanjungsepat (2)

So that actually sums up all my Tanjung Sepat posts! Overall, it was a good trip, but let me warn you first the weather can get pretty warm since it's near the sea and throughout the trip, I couldn't feel any breeze honestly, then again I visited the place during the dry and hot season. Remember to get hydrated always! So have you visited Tanjung Sepat before? How does the place inspire you?

Don't forget to check out this comprehensive list on everything you need to visit Tanjung Sepat. ;)

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hocks House, Accommodation @ Tanjung Sepat

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If you are heading over to Tanjung Sepat from KL/Klang Valley area, it is only about 80 - 100KM. So if you are up for it, you could make it just a day trip without having to stay.

If you prefer a more relaxing trip, I would suggest you to spend a bit of money to stay the night, have a good shower and then the next morning you could head over and be the first in line to get their famous handmade pao! For those who prefer staying the night, there are a few options around the area, namely the famous Gold Coast Morib Resort, which is about 5 - 10KM away from the fishing village or you could opt for those accommodations within Tanjung Sepat itself, operated by the locals.

This road trip we have chosen Hocks House, which is pretty new and has an affordable price. For 1 night, we got ourselves a nice, clean and comfortable premier room for two at less than RM100. Last I checked the rate has been updated from the website, so you might need to budget more if you decide to stay.

Hocks House locates just beside the main road.

hocksaccommodation_tanjungsepat (1)

hocksaccommodation_tanjungsepat (7)

The cozy lobby, at the back looks like the owners' private quarters. Yeap, it looks like they live there.
hocksaccommodation_tanjungsepat (6)

hocksaccommodation_tanjungsepat (5)

hocksaccommodation_tanjungsepat (2)

hocksaccommodation_tanjungsepat (4)

hocksaccommodation_tanjungsepat (3)

The money was worth it, for the room was very clean, definitely new and neat. The owner was very friendly and helpful and they didn't mind showing us the room first before we decided to stay. I hope they maintain the same attitude and of course the conditions of their rooms. It was a very comfortable stay; I had no complains. Only thing that they could improve is to have a better sound proof system.

For more information: Hocks House | 福苑 | Facebook

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hai Yew Heng & Mr Black Handmade Pau @ Tanjung Sepat

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If you are feeling a little hungry after all your visits, you could stop by these places to enjoy the yummy handmade paus they offer.

There are two shops that you can visit - Mr.Black and Hai Yew Heng.

Mr Black Handmade Pau

Strategically located just right beside the main road, it's really hard to miss this shop with its obvious banner. The shop is furnished with tables and chairs for the convenience of dining in. Apart from their handmade pau, they do sell other simple side items such as Dim Sum. They have a few variety of flavors to choose from the commons ones to the their in-house specialty. Even the pricing is pretty affordable since you are getting quite a huge and fulfilling pau.
handmade pau_tanjungsepat (8)

handmade pau_tanjungsepat (7)

handmade pau_tanjungsepat (9)

handmade pau_tanjungsepat (1)

We tried their in-house specialty, there's no mistaken of slight wine fragrance in most recommended item, despite having it fresh on the spot, we found it lacking in taste or otherwise pretty ordinary for us. It's difficult to tell you that we enjoyed our food; but we did appreciate the slight comfort of the clean environment for a short tea-time break in shop.
They also have a theatre kitchen where you peer through the glass and see how they make their pau.

Hai Yew Heng

This shop bears a longer history according to the friendly owner of Hocks House. According to him, the taste is more traditional in Hai Yew Heng; probably a lot of locals in Tanjung Sepat have grown up with them. The popularity is not to be looked down upon as their paus finish up really fast! You could see a bee line of people right outside their small shop along a small path waiting for them to open shop in the morning.

We arrived pretty early ourselves and as soon as we reached the outlet, we realised that there weren't any lines at all. At the back of my mind, I knew this was a sign that the pau has all been sold off and true enough, those family members who sat around the shop, busy with wrapping up the white flour with their special ingredient told us that everything had sold off and we should return later. BUT it was still early morning! This proved just how popular their pau was.

We didn't manage to capture their famous meat pau and we only re-steamed it for consumption the next day. To be honest, we were pretty surprised at how good it actually tasted. We thoroughly enjoyed it and understood why people would stand under the hot sun lining up for their pau. If I were you, I would buy their specialty pau and might just ignore the rest.

Oh, they are not operating a cafe/restaurants so no place to sit and enjoy your food. That's the only drawback as compared as Mr Black.

And definitely, I would recommend any visitors to stop by here to try out their handmade pau despite the long line and probably very limited parking places.
handmade pau_tanjungsepat (5)

handmade pau_tanjungsepat (3)

handmade pau_tanjungsepat (2)

handmade pau_tanjungsepat (6)
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