Monday, May 25, 2015

Something You Love.

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Hello. I am back.

Time passes away so cruelly and so quickly, isn't it? Half of year 2015 has already ticked away. And what have you been doing? Have you found yourself? Meaning of love? Happiness? Have you been spending enough time with people who matter? Have you been walking to your dreams? Or are you running away from them?

These questions I have been asking the same of myself and I found myself at a roadblock. How do we define happiness really? How do we define love? Everyone has their own definitions to these abstract concepts, what's yours and what's mine anyways? To some, it's money; to another, it's food; to me though, I think it's really diving.

I liked diving, a lot. It's not until now however, that I realize just how much I am really really in love with it. I guess the feeling comes along because I hang out with the right company; and I am so glad despite the circumstances, I have decided to continue pursuing this hobby and now it has turned into a full-blown passion which I absolutely enjoy to the max. This crazy obsession of mine, may cause a lot of money but spending on something you really love; like a joy in your heart is something you can't really put a value on. How can you measure memories, laughter and friendship that you gain along the way with monetary values? At the end of the day, as long as I don't come back with huge debt and still have sufficient in my account to survive the months, all is well.

So the next time you see me going around diving, give me a high five! Because you know, I am doing something I really love, and I hope that whatever that you may doing in life, you have something or someone you love with you, just so that if life never happens the way you want or it starts throwing you lemons, you know where to get the best lemonade done and enjoy it.


I just came back from Redang Island again! And I finally took my Advanced Course, yahoo!

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