Friday, October 25, 2013

Organic Recipe @ Casa Utama

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One would not expect that there's a hidden jewel in Bandar Utama. This place is not easy to find, accessible only through one small route and if you are not very familiar with Bandar Utama area, you can miss this easily. No worries though, in Honey Lemon Girl's website, you will find the google map at the very bottom of this page for your convenience! :)

Organic Recipe is a fully vegetarian or vegan shop. There are no traces of eggs, onions and garlic here. (Yes, vegans don't take onions & garlic as their aromas are very strong and it beats the principles of being a vegan.)





Organic Recipe also sells organic stuffs as well. The price is surprisingly reasonable.

Claypot Tao Foo RM11.90

The thing I love the most about this dish is the tao foo! You might not be used to the taste of this as it's different than the conventional ones you get out there. The texture is harder, probably because it is not made from eggs but more of rice and flour. It's like the softer version of seafood tao foo in vegetarian form.

I like it nonetheless, because of the aromatic gravy and best of all, it's cooked without any presence of onions and garlic! So what's make it so aromatic? It's GINGER! And it blends so well the taste of gravy, you can only savour a tiny trace of it. So no worries for those who don't like ginger, it's not that strong that turns you off! But it definitely compliments the dish.

Butter Milk Fried Abalone Mushroom RM15.90(S) RM21.90(M)




If you notice the price for this dish, it's actually pretty pricey. What? Only Fried Mushroom at RM15.90 per plate? Please don't be terrified! I can assure you that the moment you put this into your mouth, you will forget about the price like instantly! This is like one of the best Butter Milk Fried Abalone Mushroom dish I have had! First, it's fried to a golden brown crisp, topped with some fried oats (I suspect) and the special butter milk sauce. This dish is so aromatic that you could smell it from a distance, of course being aromatic is not enough It's gonna taste good too in the mouth! And it doesn't disappoint in both aspects.

This fried abalone mushroom is definitely a MUST-ORDER.

Vegetarian Fish Roll with Teo Chew Sauce RM12.90 (S)

This Teo Chew style Vegetarian Fish Roll is ordinary. It's nice, but there's nothing really great to scream about. Organic Recipe offers a few more styles of cooking for its Vegetarian Fish Roll. The last I tried, which was special sauce (no photos unfortunately) was pretty good and was praised by all my family members! Then again, ultimately it also depends on your preferences. :)

Honey Lemon RM3.90

Love the combination of these drink! That's why my blog exists too! But really, the honey smells good. And the Raw Honey is also for sale in their organic shop, selling at an affordable price! The next round I am going to get the honey, yes I am!

I love Organic Recipe and their foods. In fact, I have been revisiting Organic Recipe  for many times whenever I feel like eating something light (vegetarian). Sure, the price is a little bit higher, but with the comfortable, clean environment and the awesome food. The money we pay is definitely worth the value. Hopefully they won't consider raising the prices again, otherwise it'd be too high for poor people like to revisit again. :(

I definitely recommend this place for everyone, even if you can't live without meat. You will definitely their dishes here. :) All in all, this place is worth it. I have come here on many different occasions and the food never disappoints. This is a place where you could bring your family and friends to have a hearty meal and you will be pretty confident that they will love the dishes. Not only the food is good, the services here are very friendly and efficient. *More thumbs up!*

Organic Recipe has plenty of parking. Though you will need to pay RM5 upon entering; just remember to bring the parking receipt along and show it to the restaurant cashier, they will deduct RM5 from your food bill.


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For More Information:

B3-07-09, Casa Utama, Lorong Lebuh Bandar Utama. PJU6A
47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Business Hours: Monday - Sunday, 10.00AM - 9.00PM

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Restaurant Lan Je, 蘭姐清蒸非洲鱼 @ Kota Damansara

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The thing about tropical freshwater fishes is that they smell bad and they generally have a funny taste even after cooked. You can't blame the fish, they live in lakes and ponds where the current is minimal or none at all and because of that, the water is milkier, dirtier and bacteria-infected. Thus, the fishy smell and after taste. These fishes are cheaper though, and definitely "rear-able".

I never knew about Restaurant Lan Jie that specializes in Steam Tilapia. Well, you can't blame me cause it's only recently that I am actively involved in the foodie world, also partly thanks to the industry I am working in. So when I heard this from my friend, I am pretty surprised! I mean a shop that survives on selling Steam Tilapia? That's cool! Apparently a lot of people like freshwater fishes because personally, I try to avoid them as much as possible! Yeap, I don't like the smell. I call it the "lake" or "mud" taste.

My buddy assured me that there will not be "MUD" taste, I took her words for it and anyway, there's one branch just nearby so off we went!


Apparently they are so busy that they encourage you to call up for take-away in during lunch & dinner time.

Kung Po Chicken RM9 - RM10

Nothing special. The meat is too hard. I don't think I will order this again.

Signature Steam Tilapia Fish (Mild spicy) RM15++ (seasonal price)




Upon ordering, you can pick if you want your fish to be non-spicy, mild or extra spicy. The sauce is the same -Soy Sauce with tons of ginger. The only difference is the amount of Chili Padi they add in depending on the level of spiciness you prefer.

The fish is fresh as promised! And to my delight, there's no "muddy" taste! I suspect that it's the strong ginger essence that has been absorbed into the juicy flesh during the steaming and that definitely covers off whatever unpleasant after taste. The fish is not big, but filling enough for one person. The marketing strategy of the Lan Jie is "One fish One person", which means that one steam tilapia is cater for one person only. And the price is seasonal! I have been there twice and as far as I know, it's reasonable and definitely affordable!

There are many other side dishes - eggs, vegetables, chicken which are offered at a reasonable price for a good portion. However, if I visit again, I would definitely go for the steam fish only. For me, one fish is more than enough!


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For More Information:

Restoran Lan Je 蘭姐清蒸非洲鱼
F-50G & 51G,
Jalan Teknologi 3/9, Bistari "DE" Kota,
Kota Damansara, PJU 5, Petaling Jaya.

Business Hours: 11.30am - 3pm and 6pm - 9pm; Closed on Tuesday

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