Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March Vacation 2015

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 Hello! I have returned from my vacation! I had a rather fun and interesting trip. I have always been in a diver's club that I joined through a forum and after many missed chances, I finally got to join them for this small dive trip and needless to say, it was very fun! I met new people with the same passion and learned many great tips from them, since they are all very experienced. ;) We were in Redang Island, Malaysia. As far as I know, the dive sites there aren't as well known as many other beautiful islands around Peninsular Malaysia, it turned out to be a rather relaxing dive trip after all, mainly because we were lodging in Redang Laguna Resort and with its all-in-package and wonderful services! Seriously, if you are visiting, check Redang Laguna Resort, the prices you are paying may be slightly higher as compared to the others but the services, the peace and ease of mind are worth every penny of yours. 

Now let's talk about diving! We dived with Laguna Dive Centre and since it belongs with the resort, they have big boats! I love going out to the ocean with big boats to dive because there will be ample of spaces for us to get into the gears, small ones are just plain comfortable with tons of punching around. The underwater world is ok, beautiful but not impressive as others I have been to before. 

Overall, it has been a good trip, so unforgettable that I am returning there very soon again. 
Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Brace yourself, Vacation is Coming

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While I really want to be excited for my upcoming dive trip, going away for vacation also means that I need to finish up a lot of my work before I can go and enjoy myself in peace.

This is working life for you. 

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