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Travel 2013: Krabi - Day 1 [Part two]

After the Kayakking, our tour guide brought us to the thermal spring.
It was a really refreshing stop and we totally forgot to snap photos.Next one, we went to the famous Emerald Pool in Krabi, hidden deep inside its National Park.
Had to walk quite a bit on a muddy path to reach it.
Krabi_2013-022Krabi_2013-006The naturally coloured Emerald Pool.
The colour is natural due to the high density of Algae there that releases the colour, turning all the nearby ponds into the colour.Krabi_2013-005The Blue Pool, with living algae inside.
It's not opened up for anyone to swim though.
Krabi_2013-007Krabi_2013-021After that short stop, we rushed straight to the Tiger Cave Temple.
The main highlight is the 1,237 steps climb up to the top of the mountain.
Really steep, 90 degrees climb!
Krabi_2013-008This was the beginning of the 1,237 steps to the TOP.
It wasn't easy at all.

I wouldn't suggest this to people who are not fit and have medical conditions. 
The hill is really high and you might just run off oxygen before you even reach the top.
It's hard to climb up, and even harder to get down as it's 90 Degrees Climb!

The view up half way there!

The awesome view up there! The entire Krabi!

It was almost sunset when we reached the top!

Tiger Cave Temple was a beautiful place.
It's a definitely must-visit place for people who are at least healthy and fit enough to get up.

Climb in the morning when it's bright. We had some troubles to descend the mountain as it already dark.
There were no lights along the ways and monkeys started roaming around.

Stay tuned for Krabi Day Two!

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Travel 2013: Krabi - Day 1 [Part one]

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The long awaited short getaway had finally arrived!

4 months ago, after discovering that the Air Asia Flights to Krabi were dirt cheap at that point,

Me and my other three friends just booked, packed our bags and flew all the way there!The 4-Stars Resort we stayed in during our 3D2N there in Krabi.
Ananta Burin Resort, located at Ao Nang, the main central for all tourists!

Krabi_2013-002The place where we chilled, relaxed and enjoyed the wonderful hospitality from the Thais.
Why can't the services in Malaysia be this good and sincere?Krabi_2013Krabi_2013-001

As expected from a 4-Stars Resort.
A very clean room and everything looks very well maintained.

As our resort was located at a tourist area, all we had to do was to walk opposite and negotiated a good price for private tour around Krabi.It cost us about RM180 per person for a full day itinerary including Half Day Kayakking, Lunch, Emerald Pool, Hot Spring and Tiger Cave Temple and a private luxury van just for us.
The tour practically covered everything that was to offer from Krabi!Tips:
I would suggest people who are intending to go to join these tour packages so that you don't have to waste time haggle with all those tuk tuk drivers as some of these places are pretty secluded, and way too far to be reached using a tuk tuk.After we got our package, then off we went to our first stop!Krabi_2013-003
Krabi_2013-004Enjoying the awesome sceneries on the road. The roads in Krabi are really beautiful, not only that they are clean, everywhere you could see blue sky, ocean and mountains.

I wouldn't mind to get stuck in jams with roads like these!


First stop! Half Day Kayakking at Ao Tha Lane!
Took us about 40 minutes to reach this place!

Yay! Our happy faces!

Paddling into the open ocean with the sun, blue sky and the sea!

Stopping by at Gypsy Islands - A grave to wandering gypsies more than a hundred years ago!


And then our leader slowly guided into the island surrounded by mangroves.

A beautiful place. So close to water, so close to nature.

Photos are limited as it was quite dangerous holding any gadgets due to the shaking kayak and water splashing.

All I could tell you that it was really beautiful, the trees, the stones, the water and everything....

I could only imagine how this place looked like before it got this crowded with tourists.
I am sure it looked like heaven.

Oh, and we got sun burned after this trip.

Stay tuned for Part 2! :)

[To be continued...]

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tong Pak Fu @ Jln Sutera Tanjung, Johor Bahru

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Reviews contributed by Yvonne
Written & Edited by YC

This new outlet is opened in October 2012. The place is comfy and has an unique interior design with wooden doors built onto the walls as decorations together with modern-looking ceiling lights!
Tong Pak Fu Johor Bahru
The Interior

Tong Pak Fu Johor Bahru-001
The Interior

Tong Pak Fu Johor Bahru-002
Hong-Kong Style Menu

Tong Pak Fu Johor Bahru-003

Tong Pak Fu Johor Bahru-004
Its extensive choice of desserts!

Tong Pak Fu Johor Bahru-005

Tong Pak Fu Johor Bahru-006
More ICE!

Tong Pak Fu Johor Bahru-007
Chocolate Lava with Ice-Cream

Tong Pak Fu Johor Bahru-008
The Lava is oozing out!

Tong Pak Fu Johor Bahru-009
Mango Snow Ice- Must TRY!

Tong Pak Fu Johor Bahru-010
Durian Snow Ice - Love the durian taste and smell.

Tong Pak Fu Johor Bahru-011
Can't remember the name.

Overall, the food quality is FINE. However if you have tried the branches in KL before, be prepared for disappointment as the quality of food here is mediocre, nothing great to scream about. 

The reason could be the employees as most of them are only teenagers working as part time, and even those working in the kitchen are really young! They look like they just came out from training without real hard experience! 

Though however, the taste is still there, if you don't mind that much, definitely worth a try though!

Shop Location:
Tong Pak Fu
74, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/4,
Taman Sutera Utama,
Skudai, Johor Bahru.

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