Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Edo Ichi Japanese Cuisine @ First Subang

My family is not a fan of Japanese food, we only visit once in a while when we feel like we want a change from our usual Chinese Dishes. We usually go for Rakuzen (which we are getting really bored of) and this time around, we went for Edo Ichi since it's so highly praised by my father after one of his business lunch.   

Be warned, I have actually forgotten the name of the dishes but the tastes still linger. So I will write a brief overview of how I feel about the food personally. Are you ready? Read on!
2012-12-16 19.15.14 

Garlic Fried Rice
This is one of the best Garlic Fried Rice I have had.
2012-12-16 19.34.21 

Omelette with Salmon and Spicy Mayo
I love the spicy mayo and not to mention the grilled salmon blend so well together with the omelette. I love egg, can't blame me if I fall in love with any dishes which use EGGS as main ingredients!
2012-12-16 19.35.21 

Soft Shell Crab Salad with Spicy Mayo Dressing
This is good, like really. Put some in your mouth and you can literally taste the freshness from the ocean and greens. It's that good. And it comes with a huge serving, a dish great for sharing!
2012-12-16 19.36.11 

Unagi Set with Sashimi!
I really love the Unagi. It's the higher quality ones as compared to those other Japanese Chained Restaurant we see in the malls. Try and taste it and you will feel the vast difference. I am not a fan of Sashimi so I never eat them. My brother commented that they were so fresh that he could felt them swimming in his mouth. (errrrr....)
2012-12-16 19.37.35 
Chicken Karaage
2012-12-16 19.38.32 

Tempura Soft Shell Crab
2012-12-16 19.38.42 

Spicy Mayo Tuna Roll
2012-12-16 19.42.09 

Seafood Grilled Plate
It's a mixture of Seafood with melted Mayo. It comes with a small serving and be prepared to pay a whopping price for it.
2012-12-16 19.44.03 
We all had a good meal yay!
2012-12-16 20.03.37

Overall, I enjoyed the dining experience there.
Then I guess, I enjoyed the food more mainly because we were having them as a family. :)

It's a great place to hang out since they have lotsa private rooms too!
Just remember to be prepared to splurge.
The prices aren't cheap. ^_^

Edo Ichi Japanese Cuisine
Ground Floor (Main Entrance),
First Subang Mall,
Subang Jaya.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/edoichi1subang

Monday, January 7, 2013

The Salad Bar @ Damansara Uptown

Working life is not easy.

 First of all, you don't really know when you can actually leave the office or do you even have the time to have a proper meal? Will you even have time for your friends? You don't know, and you can't be sure.

On a very rare occasion that you actually can leave the office on time and have a good meal with friends, you gotta make sure you consume something healthy to make up for all the lost nutritions. Thus, my friends and I decided to head over to The Salad Bar @ Damansara Utama for a hearty and healthy meal!

Lotsa set meals to pick from! 
Kitchen counters where they prepare your salads.
Just a simple shop.
Turkey Ham Tortilla Wrap with Garlic Dressing.
(Thumbs-up food)
Our set meal comes with a nice bowl of Fruit+Vege Salad with Yoghurt Dressing.
Their speciality- Honey Yoghurt + A topping of your choice
(Tastes ordinary to me, but my friends love it!)
Carbonara Pasta with Dory Fish
(This is a must-try! It's a really delicious dish even though it may look so simple!)
Veggie Lover Super Sandwich
(Ingredients are definitely fresh. Couldn't make out what dressing they use but the combination of the taste is good!)

For those looking for healthy meals, The Salad Bar is a must-go. Not only they serve fresh ingredients, they have lotsa different combinations of green foods for different taste buds (Don't worry, they have meat too!). I  would not mind to visit this store again to try out some of the other salads, sandwiches, pastas and even the juices. But before that, I would need to save up quite a few bucks because the meals in The Salad Bar may be affordable, but not really THAT cheap. 
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