Tuesday, December 22, 2009

[Anime] K-On!!

Phew, I realized that I have not been blogging about anime for quite some time after Ichigo Mashimaro. Therefore, today I have decided to share another favorite anime of mine with all of you!

Unlike many epic animes around, K-On! does not have a splendid storyline. But it does capture my heart with its real "fluffly' and relaxing style of storytelling. The characters are definitely distinctive and well developed. They all unique and funny in their own ways. It is really intriguing to watch how 4 different friends with total various personalities, habits, and characteristics communicating with each other. It makes me feel really light hearted after watching each episode. And best of all, it makes me laugh!

Since the storyline revolves around these 4 high school girls and their new found band, naturally the anime consists a lot of their band songs, which are sang by the seiyuus (voice actresses) themselves. The lyrics may not make sense, but I am definitely sure the cute melodies of these songs will attract you just like how I am totally and so captivated.  My ipod has all the songs!

Here's an example of the song, it's really cute!

K-On! is a really nice anime that makes me happy. If you're looking for something really relaxing; or to brighten up your day a little, K-On! might be just what you have been looking for. =)
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