Monday, May 30, 2011

The Good Old Days: I am gonna kill you.

It's really interesting to read back your old posts. You should do it if you have a blog yourselves. I don't know but I find it really funny and fun to laugh at your own childishness and stupidity in the past.

As for my today's post, I have selected one of my posts which dated about a year back! I never knew The Doodle Blog has existed this long.

Oh well... The weather has been more bearable these days but still... Have a look nonetheless!


p/s: I have a new fan page for The Doodle Blog. Have you liked me yet? =)



  1. Ahaha I remember that post...

    eh, all the comments are gone from that post? I felt like I commented on it before...

  2. @Ihsan

    Yesh, most of the comments have been removed cuz the Disquis is lagging the site a lot. So i have the application removed. =/


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