Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cheers To New Layout!

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Yay! New layout!
As you can probably see, I am actually working very hard on trying to 'master' Adobe Illustrator.
It allows me to draw cartoons!
This professional software is not simple though, it is very much more complicated than Photoshop.
But I am keeping an optimistic mind, after all, I did manage to learn photoshop myself. And I am proud of that!

Watch me as I turn stones into diamonds! Yipppeee!


  1. Not bad.. .attractive colors

  2. U've done very well in ur illustrating considering dat u've juz started

  3. Anonymous-
    Hahahah! thank you so much, I hope I'll get better and better though!

  4. illustrator is really not as easy as photoshop...i learning it now too.. good luck!!

  5. zzkang-
    Hey! Yeap! It's not easy but I guess I am doing quite fine right now! Your blog hasn't been updated for looooong!

  6. i learned photoshop myself too!
    but not as good as you =P
    so this is the entry that got you drawing! =)

  7. kenwooi-
    wah..u're leaving comments everywhere I am not sure where to reply you! here in my blog or ur blog? haha! and yes, i think this is the one that made me start illustrating all my posts =)

  8. Something to be proud of when u see d difference before and after ^^ good job

  9. lol! i use illustrator in my comic blog too!!

  10. am i the only one here with Adobe Fireworks :(

    Anyway, i love your latest drawing of yourself. :D Like the colours and style

  11. Jian, i'm with u. i use Adobe Fireworks for my comics. :D


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