Friday, November 15, 2013

Coconut Grove Dessert Corner @ Oasis Business Centre, Bandar Utama

A good dessert is always a perfect end for a wonderful dinner. You don't really need to go for some upper class, fanciful ones. Sometimes, the simple and delicious one is just hiding around the corner.

Coconut Grove is no stranger to many people. A lot of us (especially those staying around the area) drive past the square enough times to circle our country. Yet, people like me never bothered to find out what it is all about until I stumbled upon the internet and was instantly hooked up by the few words used to describe the nature of the business - COCONUT JELLY.

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And yes! COCONUT GROVE is all about coconut desserts, made into various forms - milkshakes, jelly, ice cream... and oh look! They have cookies too!

Coconut Jelly with Aloe Vera RM5.80

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Coconut Jelly with Aloe Vera is one of their recommended option and is definitely my favorite. You can eat away all your blues and heat in your body with the refreshing coconut jelly, together with a generous amount of Aloe Vera jelly with a dash of santan (coconut milk) and gula malacca to further stimulate your taste bud. The sweetness will overwhelm your senses and leave you craving for more. I am speaking based on experience and comments from people I know here! ;)

Coconut Jelly with Green Tea Jelly RM5.80 
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Don't you think the colour white and green match perfectly? Tender coconut flesh and the chewy green tea jelly for those who are looking for an uncomplicated taste. You can swallow them whole; feel the stimulating coolness sliding down your throat and instantly be rejuvenated by their natural cooling properties.

Be thankful when the random coconut that they serve you is the younger ones so and the flesh is delicate and easier to scoop out for your immense pleasure. Otherwise, just be contented with wholesomeness of the wonderful combination of chewy jelly and coconut jelly. ;)

Morning Glory RM6.00
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Don't forget to check out their flavored shaved ice menus that serve together with different combination of fresh fruits. With its substantial portion, their icy cold desserts are good for sharing.

Coconut Grove is a really cozy corner for some nice, affordable desserts to escape the scorching heat and cool off some steam in you. Ever since I was introduced to this place, it has become one of my favorite place to visit for some nice, simple sweet treats.

Apart from what you have seen here, they actually have plenty of other toppings to choose; from cendol to just a plain simple jelly and they won't disappoint you in taste. :) So mark your calendar today and try it out yourself!

Honey Lemon Girl's Rating
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Coconut Grove Dessert Corner
C-B-02, BU 11,
Oasis Business Centre, PJU 6
Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Opens from 11am till 9pm daily
(till 10pm on Friday and Sat)

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