Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hai Yew Heng & Mr Black Handmade Pau @ Tanjung Sepat

If you are feeling a little hungry after all your visits, you could stop by these places to enjoy the yummy handmade paus they offer.

There are two shops that you can visit - Mr.Black and Hai Yew Heng.

Mr Black Handmade Pau

Strategically located just right beside the main road, it's really hard to miss this shop with its obvious banner. The shop is furnished with tables and chairs for the convenience of dining in. Apart from their handmade pau, they do sell other simple side items such as Dim Sum. They have a few variety of flavors to choose from the commons ones to the their in-house specialty. Even the pricing is pretty affordable since you are getting quite a huge and fulfilling pau.
handmade pau_tanjungsepat (8)

handmade pau_tanjungsepat (7)

handmade pau_tanjungsepat (9)

handmade pau_tanjungsepat (1)

We tried their in-house specialty, there's no mistaken of slight wine fragrance in most recommended item, despite having it fresh on the spot, we found it lacking in taste or otherwise pretty ordinary for us. It's difficult to tell you that we enjoyed our food; but we did appreciate the slight comfort of the clean environment for a short tea-time break in shop.
They also have a theatre kitchen where you peer through the glass and see how they make their pau.

Hai Yew Heng

This shop bears a longer history according to the friendly owner of Hocks House. According to him, the taste is more traditional in Hai Yew Heng; probably a lot of locals in Tanjung Sepat have grown up with them. The popularity is not to be looked down upon as their paus finish up really fast! You could see a bee line of people right outside their small shop along a small path waiting for them to open shop in the morning.

We arrived pretty early ourselves and as soon as we reached the outlet, we realised that there weren't any lines at all. At the back of my mind, I knew this was a sign that the pau has all been sold off and true enough, those family members who sat around the shop, busy with wrapping up the white flour with their special ingredient told us that everything had sold off and we should return later. BUT it was still early morning! This proved just how popular their pau was.

We didn't manage to capture their famous meat pau and we only re-steamed it for consumption the next day. To be honest, we were pretty surprised at how good it actually tasted. We thoroughly enjoyed it and understood why people would stand under the hot sun lining up for their pau. If I were you, I would buy their specialty pau and might just ignore the rest.

Oh, they are not operating a cafe/restaurants so no place to sit and enjoy your food. That's the only drawback as compared as Mr Black.

And definitely, I would recommend any visitors to stop by here to try out their handmade pau despite the long line and probably very limited parking places.
handmade pau_tanjungsepat (5)

handmade pau_tanjungsepat (3)

handmade pau_tanjungsepat (2)

handmade pau_tanjungsepat (6)

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