Wednesday, March 12, 2014

10 Reasons Why E-Readers are AWESOME!

I have a Kobo Mini in my bag wherever I go these days. If you have no idea what I am talking about, you ought to check out this tiny little nifty gadget right here. I know you can't stop squealing now over its cuteness, so let me reassure you again that this adorable little thing is absolutely brilliant.

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Imagine having 1000 choices of different reading materials packed just inside a tiny, featherweight gadget. That sounds pretty real convenient to me! I don't have to think about which books to bring for my trips anymore!

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Yes I know, your tablets or smartphones can do the same! But try staring at those expensive LCD, LED, Retine display screen for at least 30 minutes and you get what I mean, your eyes will be strained. Most E-Readers use E-Ink technology for their screens which literally translate to NO GLARES, NO BEAM, NO FLARES and whatnot. NO MORE EYES STRAIN! YESH! Your eyes will love you for this!

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Sunlight? No problems, your screen is still as sharp it can be unlike those smartphone or tablets and their glares. Dark places? No problems, switch on the preinstalled LED light which many E-Readers come with these days.
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Did you know that E-Readers have Wifi capability? You can browse and purchase E-Books instantly whenever some random titles pique your interest. NOW, tell me that's not convenient at all.

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Yeap, your vocabulary may suck but now you don't have to worry anymore! Just click on the words you don't understand and voila, the word and its meaning will appear to you immediately.
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E-Readers are cheap, must cheaper than your meal at times. For RM250, I got myself a decent Kobo Mini which I could easily store 1000 books inside. And e-books aren't as expensive as you think, better than those books you got from the store that cost you an average RM30 for one. It's a good investment in the long run.

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The world needs more trees than those books you put away in your dusty cupboard after one read. And screw those arrogant notion like it feels better flipping a real book or the smell of the pages. The truth is, with each page you flip, another tree is going to meet its end to make instead of producing oxygen for the Earth and some innocent animals are losing their homes. Yea think about it, it's cruel reading a real book so it's time to switch!

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You don't have to worry about the battery for its power usage is really minimal unless you are constantly online with it. They are able to fully function for 1 month without charge, definitely good for people on the go without needing to worry about battery life.

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One thing about TREEBOOKS is that you can't freely adjust the sizes you like. If you want them bigger, the price of the book will be different, probably more expensive since they need more paper to print them. E-Readers however, give you the ability to control the font sizes, whether you like them big or small and you can even change the font type to whichever you are most comfortable with.

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They will be in the market for a long time and they have adapted to the fast moving world. They are able to sync with your other available gadgets so that you could still read your E-Books from where you stop on your reader on any other gadgets with you, as long as you have the Reader app and an account signed in.



With all that said, I am seriously loving my E-Reader right now. I know TREE BOOKS won't disappear but this is definitely a good change as my fellow friends who are avid readers could testify so, it's much easier to read from the E-Readers than the hardcover books when you can finish them real quick and in the long run you will find yourselves save more than you expect.

Come on, don't be a snob and ignorantly claim that hardcover books are always better, that's just because you haven't enjoyed all the good things that come together with an E-Reader. =)

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