Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Legend of Korra, I Pick You! [Part 2]

The grand finale of Legend of Korra was aired on 20th December 2014, and one month later, there’s still a lot of buzz going around in fandom. Die-hard, obsessed, addicted and amazed fans like me will probably remember the magical moments for a very long time. I have mentioned this plenty of times and I don’t think I will ever tire out saying this over and over – Legend of Korra is a marvelous animated TV series. And the relationship between Korra and Asami is truly a great writing. There has never been a better queer representation on children’s TV than LOK, in fact it delivers far better than many other adult movies or TV series with similar theme. 

What I like most is the positive representation of woman, and not only the young ones; even the old ladies are as powerful and play as important roles as the men in the series. And then there is the blossoming friendship between Korra and Asami that slowly and subtly develops into something more; something more romantic and along the way, they have already fallen in love before they even know about it. 

I believe that a lot of people are crazy over this development because it feels real, true and strong and more so, it’s relatable to many queer people out there. Unlike heterosexual people who can openly start flirting when they find someone whom they are at least/midly attracted to; many queer people begin differently unless the person you are attracted to has already made known of his/her orientation. In many cases, it begins like Korrasami; first as good friends and along the way, they may or may not discover that they are actually attracted to each other more than just friends and then fall in love even without being together or in a relationship. 

 How do I know? As a person who strongly believes that LOVE is just love and sexuality is just as fluid, I may have or may have not experienced the same thing. :) 

Mostly, I believe Korrasami is also an accurate portrayal of true love. I know that attraction or infatuation do happen at first sight; but falling in love is another matter altogether; that takes a lot of time and effort and even then there is still a risk of it not even working out in the end. And I don’t believe that you have to be in relationship to make it happen. Like Korrasami, they know they are good friends, heck they are probably aware of being attracted to each other in one or two ways, but it is not until 3-4 years and multiple life-threatening adventures later that they realize that perhaps, their attraction never stops and has been falling in love unknowingly. In the end, when the relationship begins, we see two mature people who have already fallen in love with each other, coming together and making the decision to journey and explore their future lives together; not just – “Let’s get together and see if we fall in love or not” relationship. And that to me, is beautiful. 

Love can come in many forms. Gone are those days where true love comes in the form of Prince Charming saving damsel in distress; or witty, humorous bad boys courting an impossibly rich and unapproachable girls and then fall in love just because someone saves the day. It’s time to show the future generations that love can happen anywhere when you least expect it. Sometimes, it develops like Korrasami; or it takes a long time; or it takes multiple separations and failed relationships to finally come around with the one; or it happens later in your lives; or it happens with not the prince charming you have always dreamt of; or and or and or….. And very also very importantly, platonic friendship do exist between males and females and that just because you hang out with another person of opposite sexes, you are sleeping together, no. 

To the creators, supportive staffs, and all the people behind this awesome series, thank you for pushing the boundaries to portray Korrasami. May this be the defining series for all the positive changes to come in all children’s television. 

 And thank you to all my readers for bearing with my obsession with Korrasami.

Actually, there are also a lot of many other things to love about LOK in total like its brilliant and detailed animation; its deep yet relevant theme in each season and so many more! It's a really good TV series.

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