Friday, August 21, 2009

Love and Pain

This post is dedicated to those who are waiting or searching or love, and also those who have already found it.
Nothing is perfect in this world, so is Love. A lot of people search for love, but not all of them are prepared to embrace it wholly.

I always believe that love and pain come together. If you want to love or to be loved, you must prepare to suffer the pain. In any perfect relationships, there will definitely come a point where the couple might hurt each other in another way or so, and if the couple can overcome these aching moments, they are meant to be together.

On the other hand, there are some people who cheat love to avoid pain. They do not confront their feelings and instead run away from them, they think that by doing that they will not hurt the people around them. In truth, avoidance is the most painful sensation than rejection. And the people whom they avoid; whom they don't want to hurt will receive most of the pain instead. In the end, these people are only hurting the person they love the most.

Therefore, never avoid but confront your feelings because avoiding is very painful. The people who are being avoided take most of the pain.

And boys and girls, if you have someone whom you are interested in, make a move!
Don't just stay put and wait for fate.

Fate doesn't go to people who never work hard to earn it.

All the best. =)
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