Monday, August 10, 2009

Miyako Japanese Restaurant [Sheraton Hotel, Subang]


Just few hours ago, I was having a wonderful Japanese buffet dinner @ Sheraton Hotel, Subang with a gentleman - Melvin.

My first impression of the restaurant is that it has a really good atmosphere, exclusive and comfortable, as expected from a rather reputable hotel chain.


Since it's a Japanese buffet, of course they serve sushi. However, I realize that they have very limited choices, only the typical ones you would see in any other Japanese restaurants and of course sashimi. And it's absolutely fresh!!


The Cawamushi is a simple dish, yet it is exquisitely nice in Miyako Restaurant. I wanted to help myself for a second cup but unfortunately there weren't any left. Melvin and I were trying out other food and we didn't not really check if they were refilled later then.


I am not a fan of Miso Soup. I do drink but it has never been my favorite. However, I change my mind now. This is really nice. So delicious till Melvin actually drank three bowls of these!


Of course, I will never ever forget the tempura. The Ebi tempura is really fresh.


And then there are desserts as well, the common ones like cake, fruits, puddings and ice cream, which I think there's nothing special to shout about.

I personally feel that the variety of food is limited. There aren't many choices of food to pick from. However, I guess quantity doesn't matter as long as the quality of the food is good. And yes, they are excellent.

All in all, it was a really great wonderful dinner! And I would like to thank Melvin for that! =)
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