Monday, November 23, 2009

Singapore [20th Nov - 22 Nov]

Yay! I just came back from Singapore! As stated in my previous post, I went to Anime Festival Asia 2009 with my friends and darling. *tsk tsk*

It was awesome, not only because of the grand festival, shopping spree, but I had wonderful, cranky, funny, and lame company! I *heart* you girls! =)

Here are some photos I would like to share. =)



Yay! I bought Tamagotchi Ver 5! Only $10 !


I would like thank Yvonne, Laura and Rhea for making this trip wonderful! Even though we barely knew each other for six months! I am glad that we've become closer! =)

Oh, referring to the previous posts, some of you are interested in knowing who my DARLING is. *tsk tsk*

Jeng Jeng Jeng!

Here you go!
Darling getting excited spinning eggs from the machines. =__="

Oh, Darling, I swear you're so childish! That's why I love you!!

Anyway, we're just good friends.
And I am more childish than her. T__T

YVONNNNE, thanks your time and effort to travel all the way just to accompany us! I am really touched! ARIGATO!

That's all for my Singapore Trip this time! Thanks for viewing! Yoohooo!
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