Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Chef Lim Organic Kitchen @ Scott Garden Mall, OKR

One of the random evenings, my friend and I drove all the way to Scott Garden Mall for a healthy dinner!

Chef Lim_Organic Kitchen-006

Yes, instead of drinking beers, we went for Chef Lim Organic Kitchen!

Look at the extensive selections of food. Which cuisines do you prefer today?

Chef Lim Organic Kitchen

Chef Lim_Organic Kitchen-013

The restaurant looks really nice, clean and spacious. and WHITE.

Chef Lim_Organic Kitchen

Any vegetarian or organic restaurants especially, will definitely serve this fruit tea.

And they always taste so good! Wonder what it is that makes them taste so generically good.

Chef Lim_Organic Kitchen-007

Teoh Chew Style Tofu

This dish is good! Something I would come back for.

Chef Lim_Organic Kitchen-010

Vege Assam Fish.

Edible, but nothing to shout about.

Chef Lim_Organic Kitchen-011

Four Season Beans

A stir fried dish made up from four different beans. Taste okay, though nothing grand or special to scream about too.

Chef Lim_Organic Kitchen-012

And lastly! Never forget the brown rice! I love brown rice!

Though for some reasons, many people hate it. It's healthy you know!

Chef Lim_Organic Kitchen-009

Overall, I quite like the environment. It feels very CLEAN & COMFORTABLE.

The food tastes averagely edible, it's nothing memorable or great.

Oh, I forgot to warn you about the pricing!

Yeap! This restaurant serves food more expensive than average organic kitchens...

Better prepare your credit cards before dining in.

Just check them out here yourself!


Chef Lim Organic Kitchen

Lot -47, 2-48, 2-49,

The Scott Garden,

4 1/2 Miles, Jalan Klang Lama

58100, K.L.


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