Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Crumbs @ KL Pavillion

I have never been a fan of Frozen Yoghurt...

until I was introduced to CRUMBS.

Forget about Moo Cow, Tutti Frutti, Snogurt and etc,

let's talk about Crumbs today...


Just like any other Frozen Yoghurt franchises, the toppings are important.

Any other generic frozen yoghurts would offer the common selections such as peanuts, cookies and etc.

So does Crumbs too!

But what makes Crumbs so delicious and uniquely different than the rest is its House Crumbs Topping.

A very simple blend of cinnamon and flakes, top on the smooth,Ă‚ aromaticĂ‚ frozen yoghurt...

MMmmMMMmMM... So so so good....


Totally no surprise at this award!


Look at this simple thing, it's gonna convert many people to Frozen Yoghurt soon.

Well, that happened to me, I fell into its charm.


This is a Frozen Yoghur that I will definitely come back for more.

For your information, this such small cup with one topping would cost you about RM10.

I suggest to share with two for one small cup like this.

Yoghurt contains dairy products and will make you feeling very full or bloated later.


  1. froyo is a healthier dessert! i like J. Co's!

  2. Hi there :)

    Glad you love the CRUMBS yogurt with of course the signature house crumbs!

    Just to let you know that there is another outlet in KLCC, inside Isetan Level 1, Ladies Wear Dept, right next to the lifts. Have you tried the scones? If you have not, we have a special promotion this fasting month where you can get FOUR scones at only RM10! (U/P RM11.60).

    See u at CRUMBS Isetan KLCC!


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