Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Man of Steel (2013) a.k.a The Superman!

Superheroes movies are such a big hit these days. not only they are mostly funded by big companies; they have extremely elaborated graphics! (Well duh, big multi-millions companies!) As large as the movie itself, we are pretty sure the money generated from these movies are pretty huge too! Except for some titles... (*cough*GreenLatern*cough)

Out of all these superheroes, Superman is unforgettable. A lone orphan from Krypton, equipped with the ability to fly and an impenetrable body; This guy with red cape is by far one of the most popular superheroes of all times. It is no wonder Man of Steel has created such a big buzz in Hollywood scenes and all eyes are on it.

The question is, does Man Of Steel(2013) live up to his big name?

The movie is not like the other mindless superheroes' movies. They tried to incorporated the sentimental elements such as fear, acceptance, family love into it. By looking into the Superman's past, we see what happened to Krypton, how Superman's parents came to make a difficult decision and sent him away; and how he came to live as a human and finally accepted his own power.

I really like how the storyline flows into his past and how the producer actually made an effort to put the backgrounds of superman into perspective. Much is known about Kal's history but very little is ever told so detailed like how they have done it in Man Of Steel(2013). We literally get to walk through the history, the environment of where the mighty and powerful kryptonites ever lived and of course, their undoubtedly advance technology. And best of all, we finally get to understand where this awesomely sexy, budgly (*cough*), sleek and newly invented uniform comes from! Well, at least they put in the storyline and it's interesting that they give more meanings to the Superman's symbol than being just a alphabet "S".


Apart from that, Superman is filled with mind-blowing, heavily animated, alien-violence-kinda gang fights. There are lotsa BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! and many more properties and cars blast away in fire and not to forget the indesructible General Zod and his followers - as powerful as Superman since they are essentially the same type of ALIEN; trying to take over Planet Earth and build a Krypton out of it by manipulating the cores to form their desirable planet.

Fret not, the world is never going to end in a Superhero's movie. Superman is here to save the world and he does it in a zooming style.

This is where I am slightly disappointed as all Superman does is aviating towards his enemies with an ultra high speed to smash them into building instead of real fighting actions, you get what I mean? And there is too much of them, smashing them everywhere even though to kill them is as easy as just twisting their necks to the other side. Why cause such a huge scenes just to kill someone if you could just grab his head and pull it off?

Before I tell you any more of the storyline, I shall sum this movie up for you. It's a great summer-mindless-highly graphical-movie for minimal entertainment... AND it's not worth your money to watch in 3D nor IMAX 3D. Disappointingly, the 3D effects are not at the least visible, nothing much to say about the storyline. I supposed they try their very best to fit everything within 3 hours. There are too many rooms for improvements.

Go! go! go! Fly like a Superman to the nearest cinema now if you are up to some mindless movie!


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