Monday, June 24, 2013

Brad Pitt Saving The World in World War Z (2013)

Whenever there's an End-of-the-World, apocalypse, survivor movie, I'll definitely jump into the bandwagon. I mean why not? The probability of this happening is pretty high whether it's by natural disasters, alien-invasions, deadly disease outbreaks... Yes, it'll happen one day to us. Watching all these movies prepare myself for the future...(or so I hope.)


Anyways, let's us look at the latest Apocalypse movie on the big screen - The World War Z (2013). If you are wondering which alienate planet humanity is going against with, you are wrong.

This is a ZOMBIE movie, caused by an unknown viruses that actually turn normal, healthy humans to becoming a improved, aggressive and definitely fast-moving zombies. Humans get infected and transformed very easily through one ferocious bite.

You must be thinking: What? Jut another zombie movie? But World War Z is different - Main focal point is of course, it's starred by non other than the Brad Pitt, Marc Foster (Quantum of Solace) and what else? It's high budgeted. So you could expect near impressive visual effects throughout the entire movie.

This movie is not really the faint-hearted. It's fast paced and the visuals are that scarily good. It keeps my heart pumping throughout the entire movie (Kudos to that!), my heart ran together with Brad Pitt (Gerry Lane) as he tries to survive and run away from the large horde of zombies.

I could literally feel the fear, not only from the brilliant acting from the experienced actors, also the way how the entire movie is being shot and produced to make viewers feel as if they are part of it and we are all running away from these terrifying zombies together with Gerry Lane. There are few scenes that have actually made me jumped too! The entire story flow is very intense, just the way I love how apocalypse movie should be! I especially love how Jerusalem was suddenly overflowed by towers of zombies; that part of the movie kept my heart running up and down.

This is awesome.


Despite the movie being disturbingly clever, there are few points that cause it to fall short from being exceedingly good. Some of the crucial points are missing - Why is Gerry Lane selected to be part of the "Save the World" mission? Why did he leave the team? Who the hell was he any ways? How do they control the deadly disease inside the human body even though it may serve as "camouflage"? And not forgetting, the ALL-TOO-SUDDEN ENDING, it feels like you are on a tremendous roller-coaster ride and suddenly the train just stops midway and the fun just ends right there. This movie gives you enough and leave you wanting for MORE!

The final verdict? Yes, you gotta watch this. It's a good summerendoftheworldmindless entertainment!
You can't go wrong with an eye candy on the screen, RIGHT?

I still prefer Brad Pitt with short hair though!

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