Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Travel 2013: Avillion Admiral Cove @ Port Dickson

One of the weekends, we decided to take a short getaway and headed all the way to Port Dickson! We stayed at Avillion Admiral Cove, quite a popular place to stay these days and they heavily advertise online through various online marketing-shopping platforms such as Groupon or Living Social.


Avillion Admiral Cove is situated along Jalan Pantai, Port Dickson. There are actually two different Avillions, one which is located nearer to the new PD Waterfront area is actually a beach resort - more exclusive and commands a higher price per stay. We drove pass it and caught a glimpse of the resort. It's hidden between some big old trees and they look pretty posh.

The one we stayed was Avillion Admiral Cove. Unlike the beach resort, it's still situated along the beach with a different twists - more like a hotel than a beach resort.


The decent looking lobby. It's open-air concept, therefore there's no air conditioner. It's pretty warm in here. As this place is getting busier, I really hope the management would consider fixing air-cond as I notice many people who want to check in, are waiting uncomfortably due to the heat.

I must give praise to the Avillion Admiral Cove's staffs though, they still try to serve you well even if you could see them sweating like crazy especially those ladies in their make-up. The management should really start considering my point for the sake of the staffs' welfare.


The swimming pool that needs to be bigger, like seriously. It's too small for adults and there are too many small children, not a good spot for couples to relax. Neh...

This is the reason why it's called a Cove - a place for the rich to park their private yachts here. Unfortunately, there are more piers than the yachts and boats.

The room is not bad and spacious. We got the older wing instead of the new wing. It's generally clean however there are things that need to be fix a bit to keep up the proper image.

The living room area.

Our beds! The comforters and sheets are clean.

Now we have come to one of the most important aspects of staying in a hotel and to determine if the hotel is worth it or not - THE BATHROOM.

For me, a clean bathroom naturally leaves you a very good impression of the entire hotel. So in this corner, it could be small but it CANNOT BE FILTHY! Kudos to Avillion Admiral Cove, despite the slightly worn-out furnitures in the room, the bathroom is sparking and refreshingly clean! Well, of course that instantly put a satisfactory smile on my face!

This is where we had our Buffet Breakfast. The food was okay and very standard. Honestly there's nothing much to talk about so I shall skip it.

Here comes the final verdict! To be honest, I enjoyed my stay there, it was short and sweet. The surrounding was very well-kept and everything looks neat and clean. The customer service was good too! All their staffs were friendly and helpful whenever we needed something. Despite the old furniture, there's nothing much to complain about as the place is clean, cosy and that naturally tops everything else in the list.

Oh yeah, I don't mind even if I stay in inns or budget hotels but cleanliness is something I am extremely fussy about!


For More Information:

Avillion Admiral Cove Website

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