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Ocean Seafood & Ban Joo Heng Seafood at Tanjung Sepat

What used to be a fishing village has now become a seafood restaurants haven. There are quite a number of diners around the small area and there's one popular outlet- Ocean's Seafood, located strategically near the famous Lover's Bridge looking out to the ocean with a non-existent beach.

For my 2D1N journey here in Tanjung Sepat, I have managed to only try two outlets near the Lover's Bridge, which were the Ocean's Seafood and Ban Joo Heng. I supposed these two are very lucky to establish around that area as it is where the tourists go. Ocean's Seafood is always packed to capacity also thanks to their wooden docks overlooking the vast ocean. The other restaurant which is just right beside, separated by a small pathway leading to the Lover's Bridge is spacious and has plenty of tables, but with slightly lesser customers.

Ban Joo Heng Seafood

On the first day we tried out Ban Joo Heng, ordering the common seafood dish that most patrons like such as Fried Squid and of course, FISH!

Crabs wasn't in our list though because there were only two of us so there was a high chance that we wouldn't be able to finish them so we didn't bother ordering.

In terms of the seafood part, yes they did feel, smell and taste fresh. We did enjoy our food there but in terms of pricing, it was not boastfully cheap, just affordable. The only thing we were slightly disappointed was that it didn't taste as good as we expected them to be. But yes, fresh. Dirt cheap, not really. Special? No no.

banjooheng_tanjungsepat (3)

Coconut is alwats a must order to accompany your seafood.
banjooheng_tanjungsepat (2)

Steamed fish - simple and nice. RM28
banjooheng_tanjungsepat (4)

banjooheng_tanjungsepat (5)

Fried Sotong was fresh, but the taste was ordinary. RM16
banjooheng_tanjungsepat (1)

Honey Lemon Girl's Rating
[xrr rating=3/5 imageset=default label="Ambience:"][xrr rating=4/5 imageset=default label="Service:"][xrr rating=3/5 imageset=default label="Food:"][xrr rating=4/5 imageset=default label="Value:"]

Ocean Seafood

On the morning of the second day, we went to try out Ocean Seafood. Much to our dismay, they ran out of few types of fishes and introduced us to this Grouper (Dragon Tiger Grouper something) that cost us RM50 for one small fish! Well, it's not exactly that small but I supposed it was puny for its species. I have heard of this species before and knew that it has always been expensive... We ordered anyways and thoroughly burnt our pocket.

Generally in terms of food, Ocean Seafood seemed to be slightly better in taste and the crabmeat tofu was pretty special, like shark fin soup. Of course there wasn't any shark fin inside, I have sworn off it long time ago. Apart from that, it was really an ordinary meal to me. And apart from the fish, everything else was priced reasonably.

Salted Egg Fried Mantis Prawn. RM14
ocean_seafood_tanjungsepat (2)

This was actually tofu mashed with crab meats, like shark-fin soup style but no worries, no fins involved. RM16
ocean_seafood_tanjungsepat (3)

The expensive soya steamed grouper. RM52
ocean_seafood_tanjungsepat (4)

The meat was definitely very fresh, didn't taste like it had been frozen before.
ocean_seafood_tanjungsepat (1)

Honey Lemon Girl's Rating
[xrr rating=2/5 imageset=default label="Ambience:"][xrr rating=3/5 imageset=default label="Service:"][xrr rating=3/5 imageset=default label="Food:"][xrr rating=2/5 imageset=default label="Value:"]

To sum it all up, I predict that you could expect almost the same menu in all the seafood restaurants around the area. I would not scream and shout how amazingly delicious the seafood is, they have been enjoyable and that's that. Then again I supposed being in fishing village, it just seems very natural for everyone to indulge in a good hearty seafood meal as long as they taste good and definitely fresh.

Perhaps it's not the taste that allures you; it's the ocean smell lingering in the air that you unknowingly breathes that secudes you the moment you arrive to visit this small and thriving fishing village at Tanjung Sepat.

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