Saturday, April 26, 2014

Life is like Pancakes!

Today I am here to talk about PANCAKES. *drum rolls*

This simple food is such a delicacy, given if you mix with the right ingredients; the perfect amount of flour, butter, eggs or perhaps milk to form one of the favorite food in the world! Even now we have those premade flours on the markets shelves. (You don't know how to make pancakes? Here, take this gun with bullet, maybe this world isn't cut for you at all.) And what's so cool is that each country has their own versions pancakes or look-a-like or stolen recipes with their own cultural twists. Neverless, we all love pancakes. It's such an awesome and simple after-sex food.


I ain't expert in pancakes. Occasionally I take some and I love them sweet. I have come across some really cool ones like with bacons (People love mixing bacons with everything, like bacon ice cream). The idea of having something sweet together with some salty really appeal to me! It doesn't gross me out but neh, I don't really enjoy it. I don't want have my cakes made out of meat, nope!

When I think about it, pancakes are pretty similar to life. Everything starts off real simple, you come to this life and all you need to do is breathe, eat and survive, that's all. And in the middle of it, someone might add in some milk, eggs, chocolate cips and others might add crazy stuff like veges, herbs and then at the end of it we top it off with syrups, honey or some nutella. Everyone has a different mix, just like life itself. At the end of the life, what kinda pancakes do you want? Sweet? Bitter? Or just terribly messed up in the awesomest way?

Cracking your brains yet? Let's just keep things simple and enjoy some of our random pancakes photos. Yeah, we made them while we were bored, broke and hungry.


"Living a good life is like flipping pancakes. If you hesitate, it splatters all over the place." - Matt Simpson

Maybe it's time to take the leap of faith and chase your dreams today!

So what pancakes are you making today? :)


  1. looks like really nice pancakes. I love pancakes and I know they should be easy to make but.. my pancakes never turn out nice. Don't know why.

    Wht's your pancake recipe? lol..

  2. No recipes, just bought them off the hypermarkets. :)


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