Saturday, June 14, 2014

5 Reasons Why I left You, Apple.

I am a smartphone enthusiast . I won't say I am ADDICT OR FANATIC OR EXPERT in that sense but I love it enough to always keep a lookout on the latest smartphone news. And I can't help to notice the big hype on the latest Mi3, released by a underdog brand - XiaoMi from China. Maybe being underdog is understatement, because most of the important executives they hire are ex-Google employees or android developers. And on top of that, he is like the founder of MIUI, one of the most popular Android Custom ROM in the world.

So yeah, in short, I jumped ship - from Apple to XiaoMi3.

I first started off with Android when I first entered the smartphone market and then changed to iPhone later. Now that I have switched back to Android, I couldn't tell you how much I actually missed this operating system by Google. I am so glad that I did! As much as I love and appreciate the simplicity and straight forwardness that Apple provides, I have some like 10 solid, valid, totally profound reasons why I change.

And if you are considering making the ditch, read this:
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Once you go big, you never go small. This is true, the moment you are used to the bigger screen, it's really difficult to change to something smaller and you will be squinting your eyes to do so. While Apple products only limit you to one specific design and specifications.

Need something with bigger ram then go pick one of the brands that offer that; an expandable slot maybe? Aluminium bodies perhaps? or want plastic body for its light weight. The choices are all in your hands.
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One thing about Android phones or plenty of modern gadgets in the market use the universal USB cable except for Apple products. And I don't know how that makes certain loyal fanatics (or extremists) feel so proud of it because they are literally sucking cash by making you purchasing their cables, chargers, connectors or whatever. To me, that's horribly inconvenient! And I don't want to deal with having multiple cables inside my bag for all the different gadgets I want to own! (NOTE: I WANT TO OWN)
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An avid Apple user will not be able experience the true feeling of using a third party keyboards. Whatever they tell you about how original keyboard is better is bullshit until they have tried Swiftkeys or heck, even Google Keyboards itself are that good! You don't even need to lift your finger these days and the prediction/correction feature is so intelligent. This function alone is enough for me to throw Apple products of the windows! It makes all my surfing and chatting so speedy, fun and easy.

Apparently now iOS8 will be supporting third party keyboards soon so this proves that Apple is only starting to realise what the consumer wants when Android has already done so for so long!
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Believe it or not, whether you're Apple or Android users, you have a GMAIL account and you are probably actively using all the features and website owned by Google. Using Android allows you to integrate everything into one without compromising security. If that doesn't spell c-o-n-v-e-n-i-e-n-c-e to you then I don't know what is. Besides, let's admit it, most of the features that google offers is that good and so helpful in our lives, think gmail, sheets and docs.
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While having iPhone is cool (or used to), but it's like dealing with communist in general. Apple shoves you a device, making you think it's cool and then you are forced to use whatever software they give you and make you purchase the accessories because you aren't allowed to share with others. Unless you jailbreak the iOS but still what you can do with it is limited unless you are allowed to change custom ROM entirely, can you? But with Android (rooted) you can totally customise whatever you want, even if you are not familiar with rooting your android, it's fine. Tons of themes and customisation apps for you to explore and have lotsa fun!


Just like how my friend has said it:
"I want to use my device how i want to.. not to be told how to use it."

I couldn't agree more with how true this statement this! Using iPhone feels like being locked in a jail. (Thus the word jailbroken.) Nope, it's not something I want to head back for a long while. It feels like I have found my wings again. So maleficent.


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