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Hokkaido Ice Cream @ Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya


If you haven't noticed that the weather has been getting really warm these days, you must be an alien or just plainly insensitive to whatever that is going on around you. No, I am serious, the weather is getting so warm these days, it's unlikely that you don't feel it at all!

And in conjunction of the heatwave, El Nino, Global Warming and everything warm, I present to you a post all about this premium ice cream that I absolutely love! :) Hokkaido Ice Cream!

Owned by Supersushi Sdn Bhd, which operates one of the very popular and well-known Japanese restaurants such as Sushi Zanmai, this ice cream parlour serves some of the best imported Japanese Ice Cream you could get around in Klang Valley with a fairly decent price.

There are only two outlets in Malaysia, one is located right outside their premium sushi restaurant - Hokkaido Sushi One Utama and another one is situated outside their popular restaurant Sushi Zanmai at Paradigm Mall. Oh, I think there's one in The Gardens, Mid Valley too!

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A single scoop of ice cream (40ML) is as low as RM4.80. For me, that's a good price because the single scoop, as small as it sounds is actually very satisfying; just enough to make you feel happy. :)

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Apart from serving the ice cream in scoops, they have an extensive menus of desserts available like the typical mochi. You can also serve your ice cream with crepe or waffles. For those who are thirsty, there is also a wide array of drink choices available.
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One my favourite is definitely their lavendar ice cream. The flavour itself is rare in Malaysia and could only be found usually from Japanese Restaurants. At the affordable price you're paying for, Hokkaido Ice Cream sure serves one of the better quality of ice cream around. I love the fact their ice creams aren't too sweet to annoy your taste bud and they definitely leave a pleasant after taste. Also, the texture is milky smooth, so delicious, so good, so easily melt in your mouth and engulf all your senses with happiness.

And to top it off, you could feel the essence of the ice cream itself and I am thoroughly convinced that they are actually using the real ingredients to make the ice cream instead of the manufactured flavouring that a lot of ice cream parlours use these days.

I had my Lavendar Ice Cream with the fresh and crispy waffles that absolutely complement with the ice cream itself. Having tried the same flavour from other Japanese restaurants, I can safely tell you that their ice creams at top notch quality. ;)

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Black Sesame is one of the more popular flavour when it comes to Japanese Ice Cream. Their is so creamy that you won't have any doubt that they are actually using the real thing to produce this icy delicacy. We have paired it with French Vanilla Ice Cream and if you are wondering why is the ice cream yellow in color instead of the usual white?

I was once told by a Chef that to differentiate the ice cream that uses the real flower to make than those that uses only the flavouring, the secret is in the colour and there's a slight difference in their fragrance. It's something you will know when you put it in your mouth, needless to say, the one that uses the real flower to produce is better and definitely pricier! So next time look at the colour, there should be slight tint of yellow to the texture. As for the taste, you should really try them yourself so that you will know the difference. Remember to close your eyes while savouring it!

I will definitely head back to this place. And I expect that it will be returning quite often to enjoy my ice creams. And I get to enjoy superior quality ice creams for the prices I pay? FINE! Take my bank account! After all, desserts are everyone's best friends, aren't they? ;)


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For more information:

Visit Supersushi Sdn Bhd Website here!


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