Sunday, August 17, 2014

10 Reasons Why YOU ARE a BOOK NERD.

In the aftermath of my "Against YA Movement" post, I have suddenly realised that I am actually turning into a book nerd without knowing about it at all. I mean I know love books; I have transitioned from comic books to actual books, real books, non or fictions alike and I am actually very proud of myself for reading so many of them.

So how do I suddenly come upon light to see that I have literally become a book nerd and have a serious case of reading addiction? Here's the 10 Reasons Why:

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I bring my eReader everywhere and I try to sneak in a few pages whenever I have time; even if it's just a few sentences, I gotta read them!

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="420"]book-hangover-12 This is exactly me![/caption]

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When I go travelling, the first thing that comes into my mind is "Which awesome book should I bring along this time?". Thanks to my eReader, I usually have tons of them loaded inside, the only difficult thing is to decide on which one to read.


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I have book hangovers so frequently. You know, like after you finish reading an awesome book and then you just can't get the hang of the reality because your mind is still living in the world of the story. It's a struggle every book addict has to go through trying to connect with reality especially after finishing an amazing story.


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My perfect weekend consists of books and my favourite couch and probably some food, preferably to be edible without me needing to get away from my stories for too long.


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When I hang out, all I want to talk about is the current book I am reading and discuss about the characters' lives and developments like they are my friends.


 photo grey6_zps6f9e505c.png
I find it extremely hard to concentrate and connect with reality or conversations when I hang out with real people because my mind is constantly thinking what's going to happen in the next page of the book I am reading.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500"]booklovers Reading eases me into my good dreams.[/caption]

 photo grey7_zpse117b22d.png
If you make any attempts to talk to me when I have my eReader in my hand, you really deserve my fist in your face because reading is a serious business in my life yo!


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I feel so sorry for people who think that those movies adapted from books are good because they haven't read the novels yet, which is always way better. Ha! So shallow.


 photo grey9_zps8da67e52.png
I am more easily moved to tears, rage or happiness by books than the reality.


 photo grey10_zpsc5b4665b.png
Life in the books always seems better than reality; the real world can't contain my over productive imagination any more, period.

So are you as much as a book nerd as me? :)


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