Thursday, August 28, 2014

4 Reasons Why Food Delivery is AWESOME!

I love the internet, how could you not? It gives me lotsa anwers and solutions to everything and one of the things that I absolutely adore is online shopping. You can order just about anything and have your things delivered right to your doorstep, including a nice hot meal. Don't tell me you don't love to order your stuff online.

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I live in a city where there's always road rage because everyone seems to be rushing somewhere; where time is never enough and all we always hear about is deadline, deadline and deadline. Thanks for food delivery services, instead of just driving out, get stuck in the lunch time jam with the rest of miserable folks just to get your belly filled.

These days, when time can seem so limited during those busy periods, online ordering and food delivery are your answers!

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Most established food businesses are providing online ordering and food delivery services. Just spend a mere 30 seconds and google search the term "FOOD DELIVERY" and you will get what I mean.

Even if the restaurant you have been craving might not provide that service, be sure to check out food delivery service providers such as FoodPanda - the most powerful online tool for food delivery and you might find something more than what you have been expecting.


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To be honest, it can be such a hassle to just drive out and eat; and with so many random expenses especially living in the city such as parking or even petrol since there will always be some unexpected jam on the road; having your food delivered to you sounds like a better idea and definitely more time and cost effective!

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Once in a while, you just want to lie on the couch all day relaxing with your favourite books or movies and you just refuse to leave the home the whole day. We all have lazy moments like these and food delivery always comes in handy. So be sure to bookmark Foodpanda - a reliable food delivery service provider in Malaysia so that you could enjoy weekends lazing on the couch with a full belly. :)



Guess what! I will be giving away 5x RM10 FOODPANDA MALAYSIA CASH VOUCHERS!

How to participate:

  • Suggest a new restaurant that FoodPanda Malaysia should add into their service and why? (In not more than 30 words)

  • The 5 most creative answers will be selected by 5th September 2014.

Oh ya, remember to fill in your email addresses in the form so that I can contact you later.


Time to start planning for your lazy weekends and order food delivery just because... well, sometimes you don't need any reasons to relax your body and soul. ;)

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500"]minired_foodpana1 Once in a while, you just want to do absolutely nothing. So let someone else takes care of your stomach. :)[/caption]

Don't forget to visit for all your stomach's needs. :)


  1. Daro Crispy Chicken @ Telawi, Bangsar because every Malaysian loves fried chicken and anything Korean.

  2. Moon Garden Cafe! I love their selection of vegetarian choices and more restaurant varieties on Food Panda is a good idea!

  3. Burgertory. That place is always crowded and have no places to sit so food delivery seems like a good option!

  4. Fish & Co, i love their fish & chips and I don't think there are any restaurants in the list that serve some good ones.


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