Saturday, July 25, 2015

Growing Up and Saying Goodbyes

The funny thing about growing up is like one minute you know you hate bitter gourd,  and the next minute you realize that you have fallen in love with it. It's sort of like an awakening, suddenly things are clearer and you see how stupid you were.

That's how it is like for me.

I have been thinking about doodling - Why did I come back? Why did I leave? Was it influence? Was it an escape? And now I could see it clearly that I was escaping something back then, from a space that no longer belonged to me. It was easier to fall back to things that I once belonged to, like this blog. But then little did I know that I had actually grown out of it. Yes, I did.

So I guess, this is not only good bye. It's Farewell. And Thank You. For those who have stuck around; encouraged me; hoped for me; wished for me; believed in me; supported me; cheered for me and also for all those who have left me.

The thing is, I love writing digitally or physically. And I doubt that I would stop writing ever. So I have created a space of my own, specially for myself; a place where I write especially for myself and for those who love and accept me for who I really am. And also to celebrate that I am suddenly and more than ever achieved a certain clarity in my life, that I am no longer so lost anymore. The space is right here.

I will see you around then. Adios.


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