Thursday, October 1, 2009

Carl's Jr. [Sunway Pyramid]


Fancy something huge?and pricey....

Love burgers?

Mcdonalds ones don't satisfy you enough?

Then try Carl's Jr.!

Their burgers are ENORMOUS.


Carl's Jr. is another fast food franchise in Malaysia. Unlike Mcdonalds, they serve different varieties of huge burgers, filled with multi layers of ingredients and come with rather high price tags. (Just stack up three McChicken and you can imagine how big the burgers are...)

There are so many different types of burgers to choose from. All of them seem really tempting but eventually I settled down with Bacon Swiss Crispy Chicken while Andrew ordered a Famous Star With Cheese Burger.

My Bacon Swiss Cripsy Chicken!

Omggg...Look at the crispy chicken and the bacon! *yummy*


Andrew's Famous Star With Cheese Burger

The photo doesn't do the burger justice. The size is actually very big. Even guys have a hard time fitting it inside the mouth to bite!

Of course, being BIG is not enough! The most important thing is the taste.
And here's what Andrew said about his burger:

'While they are truly generous with the serving of the ingredients in the burger, the beef felt close to having no seasonings whatsoever. Other than the cheese melting over it. A good food to barf into your stomach, but not something I'd recommend if you're looking for taste.' (Doesn't sound very good here!)

However, I feel that my Crispy Chicken is satisfying, even though I prefer fillet-o-fish anytime. I must also admit that I am a little disappointed as I expected the burger to taste better since we paid quite a high price for them. Personally, I would pick the RM2.50 Ramlee Burger over Carl's Jr. for its taste.

Though, I would definitely visit it again to try out the other burgers since a lot of people commented that their teriyaki burgers are pretty good.

Oh... Just a gentle reminder though, remember to bring enough cash as these burgers are pretty expensive. You'll have to prepare at least RM20 per set! Of course, they come with a bottomless drink and natural-cut fries! (Pretty delicious!)


Feeling hungry already? xD

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