Saturday, January 16, 2010

[Anime] Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

I must have been blessed by lady luck as all the animes I have chosen to watch recently are really good!

This time, I am going to introduce you a pretty recent anime - Tokyo Magnitude 8.0.

This story centers around a middle school girl, Mirai who unfortunately caught in an earthquake with her brother while they were away from home. And then they met a delivery woman who promised to go home with them together. Along the journey, we could see how Mirai developed from a girl who were annoyed with everything around her and started appreciating more, especially her family; her only brother.

I like the graphic of this anime, especially the opening where they showcased different images of Japan after the earthquake, of course, those pictures are not real. But they have been beautifully rendered and look realistic. And I like the twist at the end that has made me cry.

It is an emotional-filled anime. It is worth a watch.
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