Monday, January 11, 2010

[Anime] Rideback

I love light hearted anime, those that don't require your mind and heart to watch it just like K-On or Ichigo Mashimaro which I previously mentioned. BUT, at the same time, I do enjoy much more emotional animes as well.

As such, I would like to introduce this anime I have just finished a few days back, Rideback.

This anime has superb animation, as expected from Madhouse Production. Apart from that, it has a story to tell. I love how the character evolves in this anime. It shows the different stages of realization the main character - Rin goes through and experiences in 12 episodes. I also like the fact the character is unique as she is not the gentle type female nor she is masculine. She is just a normal girl like anyone of us who happens to have obstacles standing in front of her path, blocking her from pursuing her dreams.

The storyline of this anime is realistic, apart from the technology which I believe we might probably attain soon. It is action, emotionally, storyline packed.

I love everything about this anime as it is touching, realistic, and full. It brings on an emotional ride and playfully affects your feelings with each different scenes. I recommend this to people who love some seriously written anime.

And oh ya, not forgetting its wonderful ending theme by Younha. Relating the song to the anime can make you cry. Hon to ni.

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