Friday, April 23, 2010

Pasar Malam; Night Market [Cheras]


I haven't been to a pasar malam for a very long time!

The very nice driver who fetched us all the way there. She was browsing internet as we were stuck in the jam.


Woot! Pasar Malam, it's hilariously long...


Never ever forget about the food! It's the most important thing in Pasar Malam!


Oh muachi! I love muachi! I miss it so much! And my friend happily getting her best bargain!


Someone's busy tying hair in the middle of pasar malam! And the china's style burger. It's made of egg instead of bread.


That's all for the photos. I was all excited and sweaty so I decided to switch off my camera later on!

Thanks to Cheryl and Mindy for fetching all of us all the way to Cheras!
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