Friday, May 17, 2013

5 Things You Learn while You are Growing Up

1. You can’t stay awake as long as you used to be anymore

Face it my friends, you can no longer play your games, surf your net and watch your dramas for the whole day without feeling entirely cranky, crazy or extremely fatigue the next day anymore. YOU NEED SLEEP, not only you need that, your body is getting tired more quickly than ever these days.

2. Family Comes First

It used to be friends, or your puppy love boyfriends and girlfriends but once you reach a certain mature period, you will realize that your priorities start changing. Maybe that is also how you know you have finally reached that mature point! Woohoo! Congrats!

3. Pain is real

Part of growing up is to experience pain and I’m not even referring to physical pain. I am talking about pain, caused by losses, heartbreaks, disappointments and etc… Nobody stabs you, no one shoots you, yet you feel it, like deep inside your soul somewhere is hurting – that kinda pain. It’s real, don’t ignore it; it makes you wanna cry; don’t hold the tears and you know what? It’s alright, it’s all okay. It’s part of growing up.

4. Friends are on different pages

Remember that friend you used to talk to for hours? Or those gangs that you could hang out anywhere with and felt cool about it? Where are they now? Some of them stay in your life; while some move on… it’s not your fault. Everybody changes under different circumstances, suddenly the mutual feelings you thought you always had with each other evaporated or that you suddenly realize that your friend is no longer as mature as you, it happens. Let’s just move on…

 5. Life Goes On

Yes, the time never stops ticking. So wherever you are, sad, happy, disappointed or excited, pick yourself up and move on. The Earth never stops rotating when you fall nor do people cease living when your heart gets broken. So if you need to cry, just cry out loud or when you need to laugh, laugh whole-heartedly, then pick yourself up and move on. Life never stops, it goes on, so must you.

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