Monday, May 20, 2013

Going for a Space War in Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)


Never a fan of Star Trek Series, however during a short 3D preview before my Iron Man movie in IMAX 3D Theatre, this latest series managed to capture our attentions with its realistic 3-Dimensions effects. Since then, my movie buddy and I decided that this movie should worth the money and time for an IMAX experience.

Star Trek is nothing deep or serious, just another summertime Sci-Fi Film with great entertainment values coupled with a simple, straight forward storyline. Another great factor that adds tremendous value to this movie is the exceptionally good cast list. Of course, Zachary Quinto returns as the iconic Spock and Chris Pine is still the smartass yet reckless Captain Kirk. Both of them are great actors and have given much needed energy into this action-packed Sci Fi film.

This time around, it’s the newly added character that outshines the rest of the cast so brilliantly that you couldn’t help deviating your attention towards this particular alluring man even if he is the badest ass out there. If you have watched the movie, you have probably guessed because I could confidently say that everyone is equally attracted to him…. Yes, I am talking about Star Trek’s villain – John Harrison or Khan, dazzlingly portrayed by the English Actor – Benedict Cumberbatch.


As a genetically engineered soldier, John Harrison is almost like a superhuman with higher intelligence, faster generative body, powerful strength and probably a fiercer loyalty than ever – only to his own kinds. Benedict Cumberbatch fits into this role naturally, almost as if the character is meant to be his all this while. He gives life to this character, entertaining audiences with its self-justified treachery deep voice and that enticing smile hidden behind his every words. And that eyes, oh that eyes that reflect so much intellect within them, are those purely acting or real? It doesn’t really matter because either ways, I am totally hooked by Benedict’s portrayal of Khan. His acting is definitely admirable.

Even if the plot is straight forward, there is still a question for us to think about: Whether the actions of Khan is ethically and morally right or wrong.

The movie talks about the loyalty between comrades. In the beginning, Captain Kirk violated Starfleet’s rules & regulations to save his friend. And then, Spork “stabbed” Kirk by filing a report. Khan almost started an entire war just to save his own kinds… If you notice it, Captain Kirk and Khan are just two sides of the same coins. So what makes Khan's actions so wrong?

At the end of the day, the question is:

How much would you go for your own comrades or friends?

What is ethically, morally, or lawfully right and wrong?

Under the same circumstances, in the pressure of both friendships & work, what you would do?

Those are yours to think about!

In Summary, Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) is an entertaining movie, thank you so much for its great effects and wonderful actings. And cheers to Cumberbatch!


  1. I sense an addition to the Cumberbitches club, nyehehehe >:D

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