Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Travel 2013: Diving Experience on Tioman Island, Malaysia



5D4N_Tioman Island_Diving

I am a licensed diver yo!

5D4N_Tioman Island_Diving-007

I took my entire course on Tioman Island.

I know a lot of people are going to tell you that taking courses on the islands are not that reliable or good.

But think about it, being in the pool, the buoyancy control is different and also the current.

Learning directly on an island would let me experience that first hand...

Of course, you would need a responsible instructor and a well-known diving centre for that.

My awesome instructor!

I had one to one course with this really good teacher.

5D4N_Tioman Island_Diving-001

Getting ready for my ocean dives.

5D4N_Tioman Island_Diving-013

Wee, lotsa fishes! I love to swim around schools and schools and schools of fishes!

5D4N_Tioman Island_Diving-003

They love to play around us, right in front of our eyes!

5D4N_Tioman Island_Diving-008

Nemos are shy!5D4N_Tioman Island_Diving-009

Beautiful Nudibranch!

5D4N_Tioman Island_Diving-0105D4N_Tioman Island_Diving-0115D4N_Tioman Island_Diving-018


5D4N_Tioman Island_Diving-023

Spot the turtle amongst beautiful corals? oh yeah!

5D4N_Tioman Island_Diving-024

Our really heavy gears!

5D4N_Tioman Island_Diving-016

Happy faces with ma dive buddy after numerous dives each day!

5D4N_Tioman Island_Diving-014

Here's me trying to pose under the water!

5D4N_Tioman Island_Diving-017Beautiful place eh?
Want to learn to dive eh?The thing about diving is...
It's not for everyone, even for a person who's used to water like me.
I still got scared and I felt claustrophobic before getting used to it.What I learned from diving is that
Water is not our territory, it's a different world, it's definitely not ours.It's not a place where you can just decide to leave it when you don't like it.
It's a beautifully dangerous world where ONE wrong move could end your life.
SNAP, just like that!
(Yes, whether you are experienced or not makes no difference.)And not only that, diving irresponsibly can serious damages to corals
that have probably taken thousand years to grow.So if you are planning to dive, think about it.
You love the ocean or not?
You want to protect it or not?
Don't just do it just because everyone's doing it.
You are not only risking the lives of the ocean lives, but also yourself.All photos courtesy of my Dive Buddy - K.L Teo with her uber cool camera! 

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  1. How long was the entire course? And the photos are really beautiful.


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