Friday, May 24, 2013

Travel 2013: 5Days4 Nights on Tioman Island

On the 10th May, we took a bus late at night...

And then spent the next 5 hours rocking in the busy, trying to catch a shut eye...

All the way to Mersing Jetty!

Tioman Island! Here we come! 5D4N_Tioman_2

As early as 7AM in the morning, we hopped on the first ferry and headed to our destination.

Tioman Island is huge, with many different settlements and they are only reachable through boats.

According to my travel buddy, Tekek is the most popular one, with most of the really exclusive and expensive resorts located around that area.

So if you are looking for some expensive, good, luxurious accommodations

(and of course plenty of rich tourists)

Tekek is probably your best choice.

For us, we came to Tioman with a special mission, so we chose Salang,

strategically located on the top of the island and near all the amazing dive sites!

Walking into Salang to begin our stay!


Salang is not the white sandy beach island you expect it to be.

In fact, the whole Tioman is not!

You don't see long, beautiful sandy beaches here on this island.

Even if you do, be prepared to be disappointed.

It's still a beautiful place though.


The beaches are either very small or short, with some small amount of sand.

Not really enough for you to play around the beach and bury someone in.

What's really beautiful about Tioman though,

is actually hidden underneath, deep inside the water.

We can already see lotsa corals walking along the jetty towards the shore!


Lotsa corals near the shores.


Schools of small fishes.


We stayed in Salang Pusaka Resort for our entire trip.

It's a decent place, owned by a friendly Malay Family.

Room is well-equipped, neat and bathroom is clean.

Nothing to complain about.

Look at our messy room!


The Salang area is not that clean, it's just how a small fishing village could be.

However, nearing the end of my stay, I started to slowly fall in love with the place.

It could be annoying having many flies around while you were dining

or the scorching hot sun that seemed to be following you everywhere with no place to hide...


Despite all the small displeasure, Salang has its own charms.

Like the friendly people who make you feel like you belong...

Or those random settlers who would tell you how they left their jobs in the cities just to be here...

Or that group of enormous monitor lizards lazing around with no sense of urgency nor threats...


Some days we just sit around with beers.


Being in the cities for too long, you tend to forget how beautiful nature is.


Salang's Night Life


Ma Dive Buddy drinks a beer! I drink Lemon Tea.


All these lives rise and fall into their places on this island so naturally as the sun sets in the horizon, magnifying the sky with a dazzling hue.Ma Dive Buddy and I with the awesome clouds and sunset!


This place is bewitching.

It sleeps and wakes with its own magic.

I think I left a piece of my heart at Salang, Tioman Island.

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