Friday, June 19, 2009

How To Beat Stress Like a GURU


Ok, maybe it's not the best.

Seriously, sometimes I get very stressed and irritated whenever I can't proceed to the next level or just can't defeat a boss. Have you experienced this before?

Oh by the way, I am so addicted to Patapon nowadays. The game is really cute and unique!



  1. wow. first one to comment!

    i never got irritated over games. i'm more irritated when i see other people much smarter than me and earning more money than me.

  2. haha. patapon? ppl are going crazy abt it recently. Pata Pata Pata Pon! Chaka Chaka Pata Pon! =D

  3. one two three go!
    Pata pata pata pon~~~~~
    Pata pata pata pon~~~

  4. hey, i got that feeling too. usually i will stop playing that level for a week then try again. sometimes it helps! haha

    but now i lost my PSP cable, and the normal usb doesn't seems to work on my psp, so cannot transfer games. =(
    else can try this patapon

  5. hahaha totally me too!!!

    once I tried playing the Alien vs Predator, guess what? reached the last level, that blardy game hangs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haiya.....

    i gave up

    hey love your layout and comix...

    plus how u do the ...row of 'sharing' below each post? i love it!

  6. Ya. I got pek chek and stress alot recently >.<

    u got a PSP? whaooo

  7. Too bad nowaday is hard to find a place with nobody to shout the pressure out. But I am sure there is some where in our body we can prick to get the air out before we explode. LOL

  8. Oh! I played that game and I stopped after I could not proceed to the next level even I tried countless times :S But the game is undeniable cute and unique :D :D

  9. yes we all experience tat when we play games haha, i nearly throw my PC on the floor damn piss when u have to fight the same boss over and over again.

  10. Renaye-
    I am not sure if I feel what you are feeling as I haven't started working yet! But I do get very frustrated when people are smarter than me! But then after a while it's nothing much already. Just smile and be happy! =)

    There is a second version, I am only at the first. LOL! Quite hard also!

    LOL~ Do you play too?

    Try transfering using the card? I use the card, not the cable. xD Get a sony card reader!

    trust me! I know how it feels! I have tried that many times!

    I'll send you the link on how to do that! =)

    Pek Chek Kia-
    Yes, i've got a psp! No ps 3 though. =(

    You've got a lot of other things already!

    That sounds like farting! LOL!!!!

    I haven't reached the last level yet, but I am now struggling already! T___T

    lollllll! yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Celine-
    hmm..I am not sure what you're trying to imply here.. =)

  12. Pata Pata Pata Pon! Chaka Chaka Pata Pon!

    jia you jia you

    watch cartoon

  13. Games? I cannot release stress by playing games. Unless those easy one like Pac-Man. = )

  14. Alright, let s sing together..

    Pata pata pata Pon!

    Pon pon pata Pon!

    Chaka chaka pata Pon!

    Don DonDon DonDOn.. FEVERRRRR!! hahaha..

    i havent finished my patapon, but i do agree with most ppl. The game is cute and addictive. My brother has done with it and now is playing Patapon2. lol.

    Another cute game that i like to play is Loco Roco.

    Ohh.. have a great weekend ya.. and happy blogging.

    p/s : i think you should join twitter so that you can twit twit whenever your new post is up.

    cheers :)

  15. argh!! patapon is very addictive as well!! playing patapon 2 recently, they have a lots of new types~ like some flying patapons and magicians xD

  16. argh!! patapon is very addictive as well!! playing patapon 2 recently, they have a lots of new types~ like some flying patapons and magicians xD

  17. I KNOW! I really hate losing to computers!
    I can lose to humans. But lose to computers I'll fume! lol!

    But i still play to release stress ;)

  18. Rizal-
    Hey! thanks for your suggestion. Actually I'm not very sure how the twitter works. But I think I will try it. =)

    And I am a bit irritated with patapon now cuz I can't cross the desert. Bleh~

    Carson Heng-
    I can't wait! But then I haven't even finished patapon first1 Hahaa!

    lol. Yea! I know how it feels like. xD

  19. omg orz..of all the has to be patapon? orz..

    i think I read somewhere that somebody make patapon for DS

    I am not a psp owner..I am a loyal NDSL owner hwa hwa hwa

  20. Maslight-
    I wanted to nintendo DS. But the moment I knew FFVII crisis core will be released on PSP. I changed my mind instantly. xD

    yoon see-
    Ya! Maybe you're right. No wonder I can't win. =(

  21. haha why you hurt angel with your psp...
    bad bad.. lol..
    i dont like losing in games too! =D

  22. hmm..what game is tat?? patapon?? aiks..dunno how to spell or pronounce too..better change their name to POPCORN la..kekeke..i knw it's lame~

  23. Ahha I think Jian aka miao like this game :D


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