Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What is Food Phobia?

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Having two buffets within two weeks is not a very good idea. Whenever I think about food now, I just lose my appetite and hunger.

I went to Shogun and Jogoya. Haha...
It was my father's idea, spending almost RM1000 on buffets.

So sorry my friends! These few days I'm not going to eat out or anything! I'll survive with liquid only. xD


  1. LOL phobia. I think most of the girls are having. They tend to think they are fat if keep eating. aiyooooooo

  2. Ah Mike-
    No lar, that's aneroxia..Haha..
    Mine is just....
    I have had enough of buffet...*surrender*

  3. i'm a foodie and i'm a food phobia free..lol..

  4. lol
    food phobia...
    no food for the rest of the week

  5. wow rm1000 spent on food! haha..
    must be a great eater.. hehe.. =P


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