Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sharing is Caring



  1. followed in google =)

    btw what do you use for doodling?

  2. Nabil-
    yea it please share! thanks!

    I use illustrator! Thanks for following! =)

  3. oh, adobe illustrator...

    do you also use like a pen and tablet? I have an underutilized Wacom Intuos3...

  4. Ihsan-

    Yea, I am using bamboo fun. Haha, simple and enough.

    Woah, you're so lucky! Intuos!!! Actually I don't know what's the difference though. I guess it's more sensitive and sharp?

  5. I think Intuos is more sensitive and sharp like you said...

    I wish I am as creative as you to be able to do amazing doodles like you did...

    My Intuos is mainly used for my photo editing and retouching... though it can do so much more than that (like doodling!)

  6. ihsan-
    woah! U bought an intuos only for photo editing and retouching! That's a lot of money invested!

    Yea, I might consider upgrading! But that's only when I come out to work next time! haha!

    Nolar, I am not really creative. i put in a lot of hardwork. I am still amateur but thanks! And I love your photos lar! How long have u been venturing in photography?

  7. I've been in photography for a while... been using PnS for years before finally getting a Nikon D60 =)

    how about you? how long have you been an alpha user?

  8. ihsan-
    Not even half a year! haha! still very bad in it. Learning, learning...

  9. sharing is definitely sexy..
    ask your readers to subscribe to your feed too.. =)

  10. wee!! i've shared ur blog on facebook! =D anyway thanks for putting my link up. =)

  11. olla,

    hippity hippity hop from lowyat.

    aha.. love that "sharing is sexy".. cute and original i must say.

    i will follow you. Love your work too.

    I have yet to update my blog. sigh. Happy blogging and have a great day ya :)

  12. Kenwooi-
    lol. I am not sure how the feed works! maybe one day I will~ how about u?

    thank you so much!

    thank you! that sounds like digi yellowman. =)

  13. hey chien....yeah...already follow u in google....kekeke.

    posted my contest entry in my blog...if u like leave me a comment in there....thanks


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