Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Steps To Gain Traffic For Your Blog

There are actually no specific steps. Some blog just become famous because it has been discovered. Some may take years. But whatever it is, these few steps have been proven to help gaining traffic to blogs.

So if you want people to read your blogs, check these steps out!

1. Let's HOP from Blogs To Blogs!
Yes, by visiting and leaving links on other people's blogs will gain you quite an amount of traffic. However, if you're seeking for more loyal readers, instead of just leaving just simple comments like "Hello!" or "Visiting...", try something more constructive? Have your say or opinions at some of the written posts. This way, people will know you've actually read through their blogs, not just blog hopping and they will probably do the same thing when they come visiting your blog!

Do this a few times and then they will stop by very more often than you think.

2. Find Your Own Style!
It is very important to have your own style, or specifically a niche for your blog. Some people are experts in food, some in photography, graphic designs, illustrating or etc. Some bloggers become famous by blogging their extravagent nightlife while others blog about their travelling lifestyles. Just because a blogger becomes famous by blogging their nightlife doesn't mean the same thing will apply to you too! Thus, it is very important to find your niche.

However, sometimes finding your own niche maybe not as easy as you think. So be patient and try out a few! You'll know it the moment you found it.

3. Make Sure You Have Good Contents!
Ok, so maybe you've found your own niche. But remember, you need to have very good blog content. It is the most important part of your blog, because that's what people read. The most crucial thing about content is that make sure that they are not copied from any other places. Readers love original contents; they love your opinions and judgements on the topics you're talking about. So put yourself in the content.

In this case, I am not talking about that you should blog about what you've done in the entire day unless you can do it in an absolutely interesting and humorous way.

4. Get Your Grammar and Spelling Right!
The way you present your content to your readers is very important. Having said that, it is good to proofread your post before you publish it. It's not very pleasant to have grammar and spelling mistakes all over your blogs. A lot of readers are well-educated and are proficient in English or whatever languages you use to blog. It doesn't mean that you need to blog with sophisticated verds and nouns but at least get the basic right to leave a good impression in the readers.

5. Try Targeting The Locals First!
Instead of targeting the world, try targeting the local readers. If your blog is being accepted by the locals, I am sure one day you'll find your place among the international bloggers.


6. You Need To Update!
Try updating consistently. Maybe once or twice a day? Twice or thrice a week? Updating more than 20 posts a day will make readers miss out the other posts. Updating your blog once in a month will make you lose readers. Updating once in a few months time and you might as well announce your blog dead. =P

7. Be Active In Blog Network!
Join a blog network. Participate in discussions, leave intelligent comments and opinions. Let them know who you are!

8. Be Patient and Have Confidence!
If you've just started a blog recently, and probably only have 30 posts or lower. Be patient. Continue writing even if you feel like you're only talking to yourself. You'll never know one day one of your posts in your archives get discovered and draw millions of traffic into your blog. =)

These are just a few steps which will bring in more readers for your blog. There might be more. Why not share with us if you have one?


And here are some of the blogs which have gained quite a reputation in the local blogosphere.
They have very interesting reads.  Do check them out! =)

This blog screams lotsa cheerfulness and enthusiasm. Just look at how many loyal readers she has and you will know that having happy contents do help too! Who doesn't want to be happy anyways?

I love the blogger for her honesty and opinions on relationships. The blog has really interesting reads which are really mind blowing and perhaps change your conception on issues like relationships. The posts always keep my brain thinking and moving more and more.

Kenwooi knows how to blog about his life. And he knows just the right way to write them in a way that make you laugh and wanting to read more and more! =)

Wise Curve 
This blog has so much wisdom to share. It also has a few tips that might help to discover your true self, making your blog better, achieving peace and so much more!

Pek Chek Kia 
This is an illustrating blog! I love how he is able to put in all the inside jokes and humors in just one simple image! He blogs in mandarin but it comes with translation too!

He is almost a household name for all the bloggers out there. But I still want to take this chance to thank him. Despite his popularity, he is very humble and is still willing to give you tips and suggestions. You're my inspiration, thank you so much. =)

This is actually a blog network. And I absolutely love it more than any others. The navigation is user-friendly and the community is very close-knit. It allows all the bloggers to interact with each other more effectively. It feels like facebook except that it's for blogs! And most importantly, the founder, Rei99 is really nice and friendly.

If you have any more suggestions, why not share it with all of us here? =)

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