Thursday, June 25, 2009

Why Should I Argue With A Coward?

In my previos post, I received a really nice comment that went like this...

"Dear lord! You've only got a puny 9000 hits and you're teaching people about gaining more traffic? Also, how can you preach proper grammar in blogs when your own English is so bad? LOL, this article is hilarious."

This is the screen shot:
Image Hosted by

And I want to thank Sophos for defending me. Thanks a lot!! I really appreciate it. But it isn't necessary. I am not even angry or offended. =)

I have been in the blogosphere long enough to know that there are many cowards out there who flame and insult other blogs without leaving their names behind.

Don't you think it's a very cowardly act? 

You know people always say the moment you open your mouth, others can already guess what kind of life you have always been leading? Obviously this fella must have led a lonely life. I pity you. *shake head*

But worry not, I will pray for you!

"Dear Lord, I hope you will give this guy the ability to control his mouth and perhaps a bit of courage so that he could face life and also people without having the need to cover up his identity. Amen."
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