Thursday, June 25, 2009

You Decide If I Should Buy It Or Not!

Just the other day, I received a long distance call from a friend.


Yes yes! I am 20 and I still like Tamagotchi!! I am so childish, sue me!

But please! The tamagotchi nowadays are really different!! It has more functions and the device itself even has infrared. It's a really cute gadget to me! =)
Just check out the website:


They can be found in Toyz R Us at the price of RM99.90!
Honestly, I am actually considering purchasing one.
But I am not sure if I should!


Yup that's right!
I'll let you all decide and vote if I should get it or not!
So what are you waiting for??

You can make a diference. Muack! XOXO.

Should I Get It?
NOOOOOoo! free polls

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